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Bengaluru initiates fire safety audit across city’s hotels and pubs

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Fire department takes action after recent incidents

The Fire and Emergency department of Bengaluru has initiated a comprehensive fire safety audit for hotels, restaurants, bars, and pubs across the city.

This move follows a tragic incident at a hookah bar in Koramangala where a cook was forced to jump from the fourth floor due to a lack of escape routes during a fire emergency.

The seriousness of this event and other recent fires has brought increased attention to the importance of fire safety in the city.

Several establishments in the Central Business District (CBD) area have already undergone fire safety checks.

Bengaluru’s Home Minister speaks out

Home Minister Dr G Parameshwara commented on the situation, stating that the fire department would be conducting thorough fire safety audits at all eateries in the city.

He asserted: “A special drive will be conducted to check if the restaurants are complying with fire safety norms. The exercise will be completed within 4-5 days.”

Training programme for apartment residents

DGP of Fire and Emergency Services, Kamal Pant, as reported by TNIE, revealed an additional initiative.

He explained: “It is crucial for people to have the knowledge and skills to respond effectively in times of fire emergencies.”

This knowledge encompasses the ability to operate fire safety equipment and safely evacuate from buildings.

Pant further elaborated on the department’s plans: “The department will soon initiate a training programme for apartment residents.

“This programme will aim at equipping people with essential skills, such as how to shut down building systems, identify the primary electrical switches to be turned off, and activate necessary fire safety measures, ensuring their safety until we (firemen) reach the spot.”

IFSJ Comment

The recent surge in fire-related incidents in Bengaluru underscores the pressing need for reinforced fire safety measures and public awareness.

The Fire and Emergency department’s proactive stance, not only in enforcing strict adherence to fire safety norms but also in its initiative to train apartment residents, is commendable.

As urban spaces become denser, the collaboration between authorities and the public in understanding and executing fire safety becomes even more crucial.

It’s a positive step towards ensuring the safety of Bengaluru’s residents.

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