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Blackline Safety boosts manufacturing capacity to meet demand

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In response to rising global demand for its safety wearables, Blackline Safety has announced a major expansion of its manufacturing capabilities at its Calgary headquarters. The expansion is set to significantly boost Blackline’s production output, with capacity expected to rise by 30 to 50%.

The announcement follows a year of growth for the company, which has a global customer base of 1,800 and currently protects over 150,000 workers worldwide with its safety wearables. The demand for Blackline’s real-time connected safety technology surged by an average of 30% over the past year.

“We are assembling increased volumes of products onsite and maintaining industry-best lead times for order fulfillment,” commented Kevin Meyers, Blackline Safety COO, speaking to the impact of the expansion. He added: “Our customers depend on Blackline to keep their workers safe,” underscoring the company’s commitment to product availability and reliability.

Increasing floor space

The expansion, which increases the manufacturing area by 49% to over 11,850 square feet on the main floor of the headquarters, was accomplished by repurposing the existing space. The adaptation was facilitated by the company’s adoption of a hybrid work model and relocation of development facilities to the second floor of the building.

Blackline’s cloud-based technology, featuring GPS-enabled safety sensors and IoT devices, supports live monitoring of workers and enables immediate emergency response, evacuation management, contract tracing and vital data collection. With two robust models, one connected via cellular network and another via satellite, the company’s wearables are transforming the industrial workplace by enhancing worker safety.

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