Blackline Safety secures multi-million contract with renowned North American energy company

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Blackline Safety’s innovative approach to worker safety

Blackline Safety Corp., an international forerunner in safety technology, has secured a $3.5 million deal with a top-tier North American energy firm active in the natural gas, oil, and power sectors.

Providing enhanced safety tools for over 850 employees

This energy conglomerate has opted for Blackline Safety to supply more than 850 G7x cloud-connected wearable safety devices for their staff.

These employees, frequently found in challenging, remote, or confined spaces, stand to benefit immensely from this technology.

Additionally, the firm invested in over 850 G7 Bridges, acting as portable base stations, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in areas with limited connectivity.

In a move to facilitate easy compliance procedures, upwards of 230 G7 Docks were also acquired, offering a straightforward method for calibrating, bump testing, and charging the G7 instruments.

Commenting on this collaboration, Sean Stinson, Blackline Safety’s President and Chief Growth Officer, mentioned: “The energy company initially sampled our safety solutions at a single location.

“Our remarkable real-time connectivity and insights from Blackline Analytics: caught their attention.”

Furthermore, Stinson elaborated: “Our technology’s capability to promptly alert them when and where assistance is crucial—even in secluded or distant areas lacking mobile coverage—was a decisive factor.

“The firm is now standardising on Blackline devices to shield their North American workforce.”

Blackline Safety: A month of impressive contracts

This is the third significant agreement that Blackline Safety has announced this month.

Previous contracts, with the fire hazmat and Middle East energy sectors, have equally underscored the value of Blackline’s real-time connectivity in sealing the deals.

Conveying his excitement, Stinson said: “It’s heartening to observe a rising number of companies acknowledging the merits of connected gas detection and lone worker systems.

“These firms are putting their employees’ safety first, ensuring they undertake tasks confidently and return home without harm.

“With Blackline’s all-encompassing solutions, they can offer this assurance and simultaneously boost operational efficacy.”

IFSJ Comment

In today’s era where the safety of workers, especially within hazardous environments, is of the utmost priority, the integration of advanced technology becomes pivotal.

Blackline Safety’s accomplishment in landing this contract underscores the escalating emphasis on real-time connectivity in bolstering safety precautions for employees.

Such strides not only elevate the standard of worker safety but also manifest the dedication of corporations towards the well-being of their workforce.

The trend towards adopting such state-of-the-art technologies paints a promising and safer landscape for professionals operating in risk-laden industries.

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