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Bollé Safety Unveils the Universal Goggle

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Bollé Safety, the global frontrunner in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) eyewear market, has announced the introduction of the Universal Goggle, the first major innovation in its newly launched line of protective goggles, designed for the industrial sector.

Featuring unique Wave technology and bi-material frame for optimal comfort and protection, Universal Goggle is designed to revolutionise the PPE market. The product will be available for purchase from June 2023 and will be showcased at the upcoming Preventica trade show in Paris from May 23rd to 25th.

The launch reflects Bollé Safety’s commitment to safeguarding the eyes of industry professionals through industry-leading innovation. For optimal protection, goggles must not only shield users from external hazards but also fit perfectly to prevent any particles or sharp objects from entering the worker’s eye.

Universal Goggle offers features such as an accordion-style bellows system that ensures an optimised fit for each individual. It boasts a bi-material frame made with TPR1 for comfort and flexibility, and PC2 for superior impact resistance and optical clarity. Furthermore, Universal Goggle offers Level B impact resistance, panoramic vision with a polycarbonate lens, and a PLATINUM coating to protect against scratches and reduce fogging. Most notably, the goggle is designed to be compatible with prescription glasses, providing workers with maximum comfort and convenience.

“Our priority is to develop goggles that combine safety, comfort and style to enable professionals in the industrial sector to be protected on a daily basis,” said Julien Konieczny, Product Development Manager at Bollé Safety. Thanks to our Wave technology, companies can protect workers with a goggle that is perfectly adapted to each facial morphology. In this way, we are promoting the use of goggles in environments where protective glasses are not sufficient.”

The Universal Goggle’s eco-conscious design enables easy dismantling for recycling and uses 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. It can also be intuitively combined with a face shield to offer additional protection to the lower face area.

Universal Goggle will retail from £20.30 and is available in four color-coded variations to cater to specific industrial needs and professions, from construction and petrochemical industries to food services and welding.

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