Brady advises manufacturers on increasing workplace safety


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American developer and manufacturer of specialty products, Brady Corporation, has released advice on choosing a supplier to increase workplace safety for lockout/target projects to help prevent accidents in the workplace.

Lockout/Tagout can help prevent workplace accidents by completely isolating machinery from its energy sources, preventing the machine moving and connecting to energy sources while interventions are ongoing.

Brady has advised manufacturers worldwide looking to optimise existing systems to implement complete Lockout/Tagout programmes to maximise workplace safety and protect employees, to consider the following when selecting a supplier:

  • Choose a systems with optimal procedure management:
    • The process of managing, creating, updating, reviewing, scaling and communicating visually instructive lockout procedures.
  • Make sure it blocks access to any energy control point:
    • Temporarily blocking access to valves, buttons, fuses and any energy isolation point with Lockout/Tagout devices.
  • Choose the right safety padlocks:
    • Select an effective and secure padlock with multiple lock and key options for elaborate, futureproof lockout programmes.
  • Identify every lockout:
    • Communicate about ongoing maintenance interventions with reliable Lockout/Tagout tags.
  • Practical lockouts:
    • Make Lockout/Tagout even more practical and efficient with accessories.
  • Easily distribute lockout tools:
    • Highlight the right solutions for specific lockouts, and encourage tool returns to the right location
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