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BSIF launches new hearing protection campaign to enhance safety compliance

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BSIF introduces the ‘Just Because It Fits’ campaign

The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) has announced the launch of their latest awareness campaign titled ‘Just Because It Fits’, which aims to increase awareness and ensure proper fit of personal protective equipment (PPE) focusing on hearing protection within the workplace.

This initiative is in response to the estimated 11,000 work-related hearing problem cases reported between 2019 and 2022.

The campaign underscores the importance of not only using PPE but ensuring it is thoroughly tested and certified to function effectively when combined with other safety gear such as helmets.

Understanding the new campaign and its significance

The campaign advocates for the use of certified combinations of earmuffs and safety helmets, which must meet the harmonised European Standard and UK Designated Standard EN 352-3.

The focus is on educating users about the significance of comprehensive testing and certification to prevent inadequate hearing protection in noisy work environments.

The technical aspects of hearing protection

The BSIF campaign stresses the critical role of fit testing in hearing protection efficacy.

Commercially available fit test systems are now more accessible, offering a Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) which quantifies the actual noise reduction each user achieves.

These systems are crucial in addressing the discrepancies between expected and actual protection, which can be influenced by the fit, user application skill, and motivation.

IFSJ Comment

The ‘Just Because It Fits’ campaign by the BSIF is a commendable effort to address the often-overlooked aspect of hearing protection in the workplace.

By focusing on the fit and certification of hearing protection equipment, BSIF enhances worker safety and promotes compliance with safety standards.

This initiative is expected to lead to better informed choices regarding PPE and reduce the incidence of hearing damage among workers, thereby contributing to a safer working environment.

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