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Building Engineering Services Association sets date for annual conference


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BESA announces date and theme for the upcoming conference

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has officially announced that its upcoming sixth Annual Conference is slated for Thursday, October 12. The event is to be held at the Novotel London West, as part of an effort to unite a diverse array of professionals from within the industry.

Emphasising future-focused industry developments

The conference theme: ‘Building businesses, building the future’, is engineered to resonate with a wide range of industry stakeholders such as manufacturers, specifiers, young engineers, and those responsible for procuring building services projects. The schedule is designed to mirror the contemporary interests of these demographics, focusing on the development and future of the industry.

An insightful look at industry sectors, sponsored by leading brands

With Mitsubishi Electric as the main sponsor, the conference promises a variety of technical and thematic content catering specifically to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration sectors. GPS Air also lends its support to the conference as a bronze sponsor.

Offering free admission with charitable intent

While BESA members and young engineers can attend at no cost, the association encourages attendees to make a small donation of £10 to the Light House Club. The charity, chosen by BESA, is dedicated to addressing mental health issues prevalent in the industry.

Comprehensive sessions designed to address key industry topics

The conference offers three unique content streams focusing on current business issues, technical aspects, and the next generation of engineers. One stream is set to tackle industry challenges like skills gap, ESG reporting, cost management, and legalities. The largest portion, the technical section, is dedicated to discussions around the industry’s key technologies and the goal of achieving safe, healthy, and energy-efficient building services. The final stream targets younger engineers, with sessions on mentoring and making businesses more attractive for newcomers.

“We never tire of pointing out that, despite the massive advances made by remote meeting systems, there really is no substitute for being ‘in the room’ when it comes to key industry events,” said BESA chief executive officer David Frise. He further stated that the conference this year would feature interactive workshops and quick ‘lightning learning’ sessions, providing delegates with actionable takeaways.

David Frise emphasised: “We understand there needs to be a very good reason for people to take time away from their busy professional lives to attend events.” The BESA chief also expressed confidence in the association’s proven track record and the trust it has gained from previous successful conferences.

Frise affirmed: “We will also be making a point of following up resolutions made during the Conference and directing people to sources of further information to help them address the many technical and commercial challenges and opportunities confronting the sector.”

Closing the conference with a celebratory event

The conference concludes with an exhibition and an evening event honouring industry achievements – BESA’s Industry Awards. Sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric, the event is set to serve as an exciting end to a day filled with industry-led discussions and insights.

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