Building Safety Regulator: New updates for inspector registration before April deadline

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BSR announces competence assessment extension

The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) has issued new guidance for building control professionals facing the upcoming registration deadline of 6 April 2024.

In response to concerns about the number of professionals registered as Registered Building Inspectors (RBIs), BSR has introduced a temporary extension for those meeting specific criteria.

This move aims to support the profession and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Philip White, Director of Building Safety, explained the rationale behind this decision in a letter dated 13 March 2024: “As you will be aware number of concerns have been expressed by the building control profession about whether enough building control professionals will be registered as RBIs by the 6 April.

“I understand those concerns and have been working with colleagues in BSR and across government to consider what we can do to support the profession.

“To that end, the decision has been taken to implement a competence assessment extension period for those meeting set criteria.

“Professionals who are not registered by 6 April will not benefit from the extension period and will not be able to continue to work on regulated building control activities.”

Criteria and process for the extension

To qualify for the extension, building control professionals must meet several criteria, including being registered as a Class 1 RBI by 6 April 2024 and enrolled in an approved competency assessment scheme.

Those eligible will have a 13-week period, until 6 July 2024, to complete their assessment and upgrade their registration.

Failure to do so will result in the inability to continue working on regulated building control activities without supervision.

“This must not be seen as an opportunity to delay – there will be no extension to these arrangements,” stated White.

“From 6 July 2024 any professionals who have not completed a competency assessment and upgraded their registration class will only be able to undertake work under supervision.”

Importance of timely registration and assessment

The BSR’s guidance emphasises the importance of timely registration and competency assessment completion. Professionals are urged to register with BSR and enrol in a competency assessment scheme as soon as possible to avoid disruptions in their ability to work on building control activities.

“We expect employers to support staff going through the assessment process by ensuring they have time to complete the assessment process and providing assistance and support to help them succeed,” White added.

“I encourage everyone who has not yet done so to register with BSR and enrol with one of the competency assessment schemes as soon as possible.”

IFSJ Comment

The BSR’s decision to extend the competence assessment period reflects a pragmatic approach to addressing concerns within the building control profession.

By providing a clear path for professionals to complete their assessments and secure registration, the BSR aims to ensure that safety standards are upheld in building control activities.

This move supports professionals in meeting regulatory requirements, reinforcing the commitment to building safety across the industry.

It’s an example of how regulatory bodies can effectively respond to industry needs while maintaining high safety standards.

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