Chiefs from four countries endorse position papers at the Urban Fire Forum


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In a recent meeting at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) headquarters in Quincy, MA, fire chiefs from Canada, Mexico, the UK, and the US came together for the annual Urban Fire Forum (UFF).

Here, they collectively endorsed five documents which address a variety of pressing topics.

Urban Fire Forum: A focus on global challenges

These documents address several current and emerging issues impacting fire and emergency services worldwide.

The position papers, which are official UFF-Metropolitan Fire Chiefs (Metro Chiefs) documents, discuss subjects such as firefighter mental health, reproductive health, climate change, and improved care standards.

Key position papers unveiled

The five endorsed position papers include:

  1. Position Statement on Climate Change.
  2. Establishing prehospital transfusion of blood products as standard of care for emergency medical services systems.
  3. Support for increasing efforts on mental health & wellbeing.
  4. First-in responders providing neuroprotective (“Heads-Up”) CPR as the standard of care for emergency medical services systems.
  5. Support for research on firefighter reproductive health.

Jim Pauley, NFPA president and CEO, stated: “By bringing these groups together we can help solve today’s fire and life safety challenges.”

Guests present at the Forum comprised various esteemed personalities such as Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, Peter Holland, and Chief Rob Brown among others.

Otto Drozd III, coordinator of the event, commented: “The position statements put forth this year have the potential to exert a profound influence on the future of our fire and emergency services.”

Drozd further emphasised the far-reaching impacts of climate change and the collaboration needed to enhance the resilience of fire and rescue departments worldwide.

The Urban Fire Forum’s significance and its global representatives

Core members of the UFF include officers of the Metro Chiefs Executive Board. This year, the participating chiefs ranged from Chief Rob Brown to Chief Trisha Wolford among others.

Various presentations were also delivered by notable figures such as Dr. Jeff L. Burgess, Shelby Hall, and Jim Pauley.

The UFF aims to bring together fire chiefs in charge of safeguarding large urban centres, offering them a platform to learn and exchange vital information.

It plays a crucial role in helping NFPA stay updated with current trends in the fire service sector.

IFSJ Comment

The recent endorsements by fire chiefs at the Urban Fire Forum signify a unified, global approach to tackling pressing issues in the realm of fire safety and emergency response.

By addressing topics such as climate change and firefighter health, the Forum is demonstrating a proactive approach to creating a safer world.

The collaboration between chiefs from different countries further emphasises the need for global cooperation in confronting these challenges, setting a strong precedent for future initiatives in fire safety.

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