City of Varennes Fire Safety Service orders fully electric fire truck

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E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group, Inc., has announced that it is building an all-electric Vector Rescue Decon truck for the City of Varennes Fire Safety Service in Quebec; the first Rescue truck using the first fully electric North America- style fire truck design.

This Vector order, which will become one of the initial EV fire trucks in operation in Canada, came from the City of Varennes.

REV Fire Group introduced its EV fire truck in August 2021, which utilizes 316 kilowatts of proven automotive grade batteries, and can be customized to accommodate specialized fire ground duties such as air support and decontamination of firefighters to remove carcinogens from gear after fighting structure fires.

The Vector design features low battery cell placement which offers a safer, lower centre of gravity for enhanced stability while operating. The crew from Varennes worked closely with the engineers at E-ONE to develop this unique mission critical apparatus to serve their community.

Key features of the Vector Rescue Decon truck are:

  • 100-inch-wide Cyclone cab with raised forward roof and rear vista
  • Extruded aluminum walk-thru body with full height / full depth compartments on each side
  • Upgraded air conditioning system with auxiliary A/C in the crew area of the cab and body
  • Diesel fired interior area heaters with on-demand hot water heating capabilities for
  • Thermal battery management system
  • 500-amps of available 12-volt power
  • Range extender for emergency back-up power to stay on scene for extended duties
  • 4-bottle DOT 6000 PSI cascade system, booster pump and 2 bottle fill station for air support
  • Complete Decon package and shower inside the body with changing room for personnel
  • Walk-through body design to cab allows for separation of duties with a dirty firefighter entering in the back door and emerging through the cab crew doors decontaminated.

“This emergency truck is one-of-a-kind,” said Varennes Mayor Martin Damphousse in a city press release. “In addition to having a self-sufficiency that guarantees reliability for the entire duration of interventions, it will meet the needs of the Fire Safety Service on three specific points: the decontamination of firefighters on site with their equipment, air refuelling breathing and release during a call.”

“We are excited to partner with Varennes Fire Safety Service to help protect both their community and the environment with one of the first EV fire apparatus in Canada,” said Kent Tyler, President of REV Fire Group. “It’s our first EV Rescue truck, which demonstrates the Vector’s customization and flexibility to suit a fire department’s needs.”

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