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Collaborative heroism

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CTIF President Milan Dubravac shares the association’s objectives

CTIF, The International Association of Fire & Rescue Services, has stood as a beacon of unity since 1900, bridging nations and political divides in the common cause of life preservation.

We are a global entity that exemplifies a unique culture where the traditional hierarchies of rank and title bow to the universal merits of knowledge, expertise, and the unwavering passion for firefighting.

With roots in Paris, CTIF has weathered world wars, the Cold War, and a multitude of political storms.

Our resilience is reflective of our commitment to protecting and saving lives, irrespective of political nuances or geographical boundaries.

Today, CTIF is a global association, representing five million firefighters from 39 countries, essentially making us the world’s largest firefighting organisation.

Our ethos champions equality and non-discrimination, embodying the belief that every member, be it a career firefighter or a volunteer, is equally significant.

This culture of shared respect echoes across our diverse initiatives, from our International Firefighting Competitions to the development of youth fire brigades.

At the heart of CTIF’s mission is the safety of citizens, achieved through skilled firefighters.

We are an international forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration, tirelessly working to understand and continually enhance the working conditions for firefighters.

We distil our insights into freely available reports, manuals, and best practices, with an increasing emphasis on digital and multimedia content.

In essence, CTIF is an organisation that believes in the universal language of service, expertise, and dedication.

Our commitment to shared learning and global unity continues to fuel our drive, ensuring a safer world through skilled firefighters, today and beyond.

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