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Cooking fires down 33% according to London Fire Brigade


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Cooking fires have fallen by around 33 per cent since national restrictions were put in place, according to London Fire Brigade (LFB).

LFB attended 146 cooking fires in the first six weeks of 2021, in comparison to 219 in 2020. Despite the decrease, LFB are urging people to ensure safety in the kitchen with more families spending time at home.

Pan fires can be particularly dangerous and can spread out of control very quickly, especially when using oil. Last month, a flat fire in Beckenham saw around 40 people leave their homes after a pan of oil, which was left to heat up on the hob, ignited and spread to the kitchen when it was left unattended.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Fire Safety, Charlie Pugsley, said: “Thankfully, no one was hurt as a result of this blaze, but it is a stark reminder of just how easy it is for cooking fires to spread out of control.

“The recent fall in cooking fires since national restrictions have come into effect is a testament to the hard work of firefighters and our fire safety teams who have continued to work to prevent fires in the home despite the challenges of Covid-19.

“However, cooking fires are still all too common and can often be prevented. It’s more important than ever that you take extra care in the kitchen to avoid a recipe for disaster.”

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