Coopers Fire: Boundary protection solved with the use of bespoke fire curtains

Coopers installed FireMaster fire curtains over the lift door openings over four floors to prevent smoke from spreading at the Rolling Stock Yard.

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Rolling Stock Yard is a new landmark development offering 57,500 sq ft of contemporary office and light industrial space. The building is located just 5 minutes’ walk from Granary Square and Coal Drops Yard in London, UK.

VolkerFitzpatrick were awarded a design and build contract with Deepdale Holding Investments Ltd, to construct a new office development, named Rolling Stock Yard, close to the King’s Cross regeneration area.

The new office building has been built following demolition of the existing early-nineties structure which was in its place. The new build will contain office space, a café, cycle storage, refuse stores and a single basement level. The roof level will include a patio and seating area with an overall floor space of approx. 7,200m2.

As there are potential adjoining buildings to be built within a radius of 5 metres, boundary protection was required to stop the spread of fire between these new buildings. This was accomplished by installing FireMaster fire curtains over the windows to meet the specific needs required under boundary protection fire regulations.

Designed by world-renowned architects Squire & Partners, multiple fire curtains were needed to prevent the spread of fire between buildings, as well as protect the lifts from the spread of smoke.

Fire curtains with smoke control over a lift opening offer fire integrity and prevent smoke from spreading through the building via the lift shaft in the event of a fire on any of the building’s floors. Coopers installed FireMaster fire curtains over the lift door openings over four floors to achieve this.

Boundary Protection was required as part of the fire safety solutions and therefore FireMaster fire curtains and FireMaster Concertina fire curtains were installed to ensure the fire safety requirements were met.

To avoid a post and side guides in the corner of the window, a FireMaster Concertina was installed to fit the shape of the window and drop to prevent the spread of fire to any nearby buildings.

The Coopers Fire large range of products for various applications means that there is an innovative fire protective product to fit the need of various designs and applications whilst achieving the necessary fire safety.

The FireMaster Concertina offers up to four hours fire resistance for heights to 5 metres or two hours for heights to 8 metres.

The FireMaster Concertina can be bespoke to each project and can be produced to fit an array of different shapes and sizes for it to fit any kind of building design in various applications.

Coopers Fire is a turnkey business, offering the customer a product and service with full provenance.

Coopers Fire designs, manufactures, tests, installs and maintains all its fire curtains from the business premises in Hampshire, UK.




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