Cygnus SmartNet enhances fire safety for Bristol apartment owners

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Apartment owners in Bristol’s Cotham area have turned to local installer Elecsec for an advanced fire detection and alarm solution.

The decision followed a comprehensive fire risk assessment.

Elecsec, in response, opted for the Cygnus SmartNet system, which is notably the world’s initial wireless and EN 54 certified solution.

This system guarantees heightened safety for all the building’s residents.

SmartNet: a wireless solution for seamless installation

“Considering the significant challenges posed by a hard-wired system,” Scott Chambers, Contracts Manager at Elecsec, said: “a wireless system emerged as the indispensable choice early on.”

He further noted the extensive damage and disruption that could be caused to residents and the building structure if cabling were introduced, given the building’s size and the fact that it was already occupied.

Given the dimensions of the structure, Elecsec decided on the SmartNet-100 range.

This variant suits small to medium-scale projects where the extensiveness of the SmartNet-Pro isn’t necessary.

15 smoke detectors, three manual call points, and three heat detectors, among other components, were seamlessly integrated.

These devices spanned across all apartments and common areas, aligning perfectly with the specifications set in the Fire Risk Assessment.

Ensuring adherence to all pivotal fire safety norms, the SmartNet-100 emerged as the ideal solution.

A promising collaboration with Cygnus

“We’ve been eager to deploy the Cygnus SmartNet system for quite a while,” Chambers shared.

Not only did it meet expectations, but Elecsec also anticipates using it in future projects, given its efficiency.

He highlighted the system’s suitability for a range of projects and expressed excitement about further collaborations with Cygnus.

Selecting a wireless system, Chambers reiterated, facilitated efficient, clean, and economical project completion.

SmartNet-100 is backed by Cygnus’s reputed technology.

This wireless network, fuelled by battery-operated radio devices, forms a sturdy, adaptive, and regenerative mesh network.

Crucially, this ensures at least two communication routes to every wireless component, bolstering reliability.

Another highlight is the system’s straightforward configuration tool, enhancing user experience.

Chambers concluded by sharing the positive feedback post-installation.

Taking just two days, the client acknowledged the evident advantages of the wireless mesh technology, particularly the elimination of subsequent plastering and decorating needs.

For a deeper insight into Cygnus, readers can click here. Information about Elecsec is accessible here.

IFSJ Comment

The application of the SmartNet system by Cygnus in a residential building in Bristol underscores a shift towards advanced, wireless fire safety solutions.

The emphasis on minimal disruption, coupled with heightened safety standards, sets a precedent for other establishments.

Moreover, the collaboration between Elecsec and Cygnus, two frontrunners in their respective fields, promises a harmonious synergy of expertise and innovation.

The seamless integration of technology with safety is not just a modern trend; it’s an essential evolution.

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