DMP launches CellComF-LTE DualCom universal communicator with tip and ring terminals


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For commercial fire installations, one can choose DMP’s new CellComF-LTE. Designed with the same platform as DMP’s DualCom Universal Communicator, the CellComF-LTE includes two sets of tip and ring terminals for easy installations.

This new design meets the NFPA 72 standard for single communications technology. For instance, if the CellComF stops communicating, it’s designed to automatically disrupt voltage on the second tip and ring, that triggers the host panel to annunciate the trouble.

Supervised LTE Alarm Communication

For fire panels, it’s a simpler way of ensuring local annunciation,” says Aaron McGhee, product manager of Control Panels. “And, it’s a much cleaner and faster installation process.” The new CellCom Series includes both fire and non-fire options, each one with built-in LTE cellular.

When there’s an opportunity to upgrade non-DMP panels to LTE, this means one will be able to give customers a single path fully supervised LTE alarm communication over AT&T’s or Verizon’s LTE networks. As with earlier-generation products, the LTE communicators are designed to work with digital cellular service from SecureCom Wireless™, enabling dealers to get systems up and running quickly.

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