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Dräger to showcase new technologies at The Emergency Services Show


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Dräger, an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, will showcase six new fire safety technologies to further firefighter health and wellbeing at September’s Emergency Services Show (ESS): the PSS® AirBoss; lightweight Type 4 Nano cylinder; BG ProAir; HPS SafeGuard helmet; HPS-COM helmet communication unit; and FireVista thermal imaging camera.

The new PSS® AirBoss is the next generation in Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), providing firefighters and emergency service teams with the utmost in usability, safety, serviceability, and connectivity. It includes a carrying mechanism with pneumatics, monitoring systems, masks and communication technology and numerous accessories such as the ultra-lightweight Type 4 Nano compressed air breathing cylinders, lung demand valves and fire escape hoods.

With the new Type 4 Nano cylinder providing a continued reduction in cylinder weight, all new PSS® AirBoss SCBA sets are significantly lighter than existing models, and its unlimited life can also reduce full lifecycle costs. 

Dräger’s AirBoss system offers an operationally-proven telemetry solution, providing vital information which is automatically communicated between the wearer of the BA set and the Entry Control Point – without the need for either team to stop what they are doing to send communications. These signals include manual and automatic distress signals, team withdrawal signals, cylinder pressure, time to whistle and time of whistle. 

Dräger will also be showcasing its latest Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus (CCBA), the BG ProAir. The BG ProAir provides 240 minutes of continuous breathing protection for longer incident durations. Its ergonomics have been optimised to allow comfort and freedom of movement with even weight distribution.

The new HPS SafeGuard fire helmet, which at just 1.2kg is one of the lightest helmets in its class and provides the wearer with excellent weight distribution. Its innovative design combines optimal protection with the highest levels of wearing comfort. The integrated Dräger HPS-COM helmet communication unit can be added which provides reliable support for radio communication, with excellent voice quality, and a robust, compact design and easy installation.

The FireVista thermal imaging camera is another important innovation. Dräger’s team will demonstrate how it helps firefighters to better assess dangerous situations and provides additional safety during firefighting operations by providing high-quality images, and fast access to a detailed overview of an incident. Even in dense smoke and darkness, firefighters are provided with excellent visibility as well as intelligence as to the source of the fire and the smallest differences in temperature.

Liz Millward, Marketing Manager Emergency and Rescue Services at Draeger Safety UK, says the ESS will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the company’s dedication to furthering firefighter health and wellbeing: “Our innovative new products are the result of our 130-year history of high-quality product and service delivery, as well as our market-leading research, development and manufacturing facilities, such as our centre of excellence in Blyth.

“With the launch of these new products, we have put the health, safety and operational efficiency of the firefighter at the forefront of our thinking. In an industry where a split second can be the difference between life and death, these advancements are crucial for the safety of our firefighters.”  

The ESS will take place 7-8 September at the Birmingham NEC. This will be the first time Dräger will be displaying their new products in person.

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