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E2S upgrades AlertAlight, AlertAlarm and Sonora devices


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The latest iteration of the AlertAlarm, the AlertAlight and the Sonora families E2S Warning Signals will be available from 01 June 2021, the company have announced. The alarm horn sounders, beacons and combined units have become synonymous with providing reliable and effective alarm notification in the harshest of environments since the original A100, A105, A110 and A120 product range was launched nearly 30 years ago. E2S have continued to innovate, providing improvements in features, performance and approvals.

Upgrades have been introduced to both the enclosures and electronics to create the universal solution for industrial, marine and ordinary location applications. The AlertAlarm and AlertAlight products now contain the standard E2S set of 64 international alarm tones and 4 remotely activated stages/channels. First and second stage tones can be set individually, permitting greater flexibility in tone choice. Voltage supply ranges have been extended to assist with product selection whilst current in-rush has been minimised. Pluggable, duplicated terminals facilitate Class A wiring and reduce installation time.

The A100 sounders and the AL100 combined units now produce up to 110dBA, whilst the industry standard A105N/AL105N now utilises a new enclosure design with threaded cable entries to simplify installation. A112N/AL112N and A121/AL121 type products now contain the latest in Class D amplification and feature additional methods of stage control along with up to 124dB(A) sound level output. A choice of two power modes is available during installation, enabling the optimum level of current consumption and sound output to be selected for the application.

The L101H has been upgraded to include a new electronic sub-assembly using an array of 18 super bright Cree LED’s and offering a choice of steady mode and seven flashing modes, including a new highly effective temporal pattern. The L101H LED upgrade includes UL and ULC private mode fire approval and is available as a combination signal with any of the AlertAlarm or Sonora type alarm horn sounders.

Globally approved to UL and EN standards for fire and general signalling, core products are also now DNV approved and MED compliant to the latest directive for marine applications across all voltages. Third party approvals are provided by default across the ranges to ensure compliance with the latest standards and directives wherever the application is located.

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