Editor’s Product: GFE’s FALCON and FALCON EX

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European manufacturer of fire detection equipment, Global Fire Equipment (GFE), has added to its product portfolio with the launch of two new fully certified control panels – the FALCON 2-wire conventional panel and the FALCON EX conventional extinguishing control panel. Both panels are designed and manufactured to comply with the standards EN54-4, as well as EN54-2 for the FALCON, and EN12094 for the Falcon EX.

The new FALCON conventional fire control panel is GFE’s first conventional control panel with 2-wire and 2-wire dwelling mode compatibility. Expandable from 8 to 16 zones, the FALCON is ideally suited for smaller premises such as shops, office spaces, schools and residential accommodation.

The 2-wire dwelling mode acts as a fire alarm confirmation enabler so that when a detector is activated within a dwelling zone, such as an apartment or room, the detector will warn of a fire on the first activation but then process the alarm before reconfirming the alarm condition, at which time it will sound the alarm. This significantly reduces the likelihood of false fire alarms. 

One of the key differentiating features of the new FALCON conventional panel is its ability to identify whether an alarm is activated by a detector or a manual call point and thus determine the appropriate action in response to either input.

GFE’s FALCON fire control panel also boasts fully customisable inputs and outputs, including a failsafe output so that in the event of any faults, passive fire safety equipment such as fire door holders and fire protection measures still activate. Remote inputs can be individually programmed with the following commands: restart, evac/silence, disable selected inputs, disable selected output, disable selected input and output, and class change).

The FALCON panel also features individual zone programming so each zone can be programmed as standard (no output) or as a 2-wire (output approx. nominal system voltage). This makes it easier for the fire control panels to adapt to different wiring configurations. In addition, there is NFC connectivity (for user access) and web connectivity which allows access and monitoring from a web browser. Finally, the FALCON’s maintenance menu can be pre-programed so a pop-up will appear when maintenance is required.

The FALCON EX is GFE’s first conventional extinguishing fire control panel and has been introduced by GFE to meet the increasing global demand for dependable fire detection and suppression systems. It can be integrated with addressable fire control systems and boasts extensive configuration options.

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