Editor’s Product: PAC’s Fastlok Short assembly

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Performance Advantage Company’s Fastlok Short assembly accommodates the changing shape of firefighting tools

Performance Advantage Company (PAC) understands that the best help it can give a firefighter is to develop a system where they can know exactly where their tools are mounted on truck – and to make it possible for the tools to be quickly and easily put to use. 

The tool mount manufacturer is passionate about providing high quality, durable, reliable, safe, tested, and easy to use mounting brackets for nearly any kind of tool that you can imagine. As the firefighting industry continues to introduce new tools, equipment, methods and technology, so, too, does PAC. At any point in time dozens of new designs and improvements are being developed, at PAC, to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the firefighting industry.

Once such product that has recently been improved is what we call the Fastlok Short assembly.

Kris Young, Sales and Marketing Specialist at PAC explains: “You place your equipment between two opposing modules. One of the modules has a high-quality, adjustable, elastic strap clamped to it, and at the end of that strap is a locking pin that fits into the cam lock lever of the opposing module.  The design allows the user to effortlessly swing the strap over their equipment, position the strap’s locking pin into the opposing cam lock lever and flip the lever to securely tighten their equipment on the go.”

The lever, says Young, is designed so that it can be operated while wearing heavy gloves or mittens on a cold winter’s day: “Which is important in our part of the world”.  Originally these modules were designed for equipment with a higher profile (for example, a saw or water tank). The minimum height (profile) requirement, for equipment being secured with this bracket had been 5-3/8″.  These improved modules will accommodate lower profile items down to 4-1/8″ in height, offering the best of both worlds: the functionality of a Super Adjustamount with the preferred camlock lever of the Fastlok. 

“Feedback from our customers indicated that they prefer this bracket over many other solutions because of the ease of use,” says Young. “Now, they can use it with a much wider variety of equipment.  Importantly, there have been many changes in the shapes and sizes of battery operated saws – and this bracket has now been refined to accommodate those changes.”

Part of the genius of this product is that it can secure square items, round items (with the accompanying wedge blocks, tall items, and now items as low as 4-1/8″ in height). With the flip of a cam-lock lever, firefighting equipment can be quickly, firmly and safely secured with no rattle or damaging vibrations. 

Once again, PAC is ready with the right solution for the fire service’s ever changing tool mounting needs with a product that is designed to last a lifetime.

This exclusive article was originally published in the June 2023 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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