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EU Commissioner Janez Lenarčič to launch CPNetCon 2023 in Hannover

INTERSCHUTZ 2015 - 8. bis 13. Juni

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Lenarčič unveils CPNetCon, Hannover’s civil protection event

Janez Lenarčič, the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, will be inaugurating the much-anticipated CPNetCon 2023 in Hannover, Germany.

The event is slated to run from 23 to 24 November 2023..

CPNetCon: An international hub for civil protection knowledge

CPNetCon is set to become a beacon for knowledge exchange and networking in the field of civil protection.

This inaugural event reflects the European Commission’s commitment to strengthen cooperation and disaster readiness among its member states through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

Speaking about the event, Lenarčič said: “At a time when security-related threats are increasing, the European dimension of civil protection is also growing.

“The EU supports its member states in building resilient civil protection structures.

“Solidarity and subsidiarity are important to strengthen civil protection at the relevant levels.

“Better networking of civil protection actors is a key task. “

The Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network promotes networking beyond national borders and strengthens civil protection.

“It is therefore a matter of course for the European Commission to support the new and important conference CPNetCon as a patron.”

CPNetCon’s comprehensive programme

CPNetCon is offering a comprehensive conference programme that will take place in both German and English languages in Hall 19 at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

Themed “Networking & Conference on Civil Protection”, the event will group keynotes, panels, and best practices into four sections: disaster management, civil protection, fire protection and emergency preparedness.

Moreover, CPNetCon will host three parallel sessions featuring international representatives from politics, emergency organisations, research, and business.

These experts will share their knowledge, innovations, and inspirations through presentations and real-world application examples.

CPNetCon: Spotlight on four thematic pillars

CPNetCon 2023 will focus on four key themes, each designed to encompass the broad scope of civil protection and disaster management.

  1. Disaster Management: The conference will explore disaster management, discussing the necessary measures for protecting people, the environment, and material assets in the event of a disaster. This will involve maintaining critical care provision and outlining preventive strategies.
  2. Civil Protection: CPNetCon will delve into the role of civilian offices, businesses, facilities, installations, and cultural assets in mitigating the effects of war. It will explore non-military measures to address or mitigate the consequences of such events.
  3. Fire Protection: The conference will present insights into fire protection measures, including preventive actions that thwart the development and spread of fires. There will also be discussions around effective fire extinguishing work and rescue operations for humans and animals in the event of a fire.
  4. Emergency Care: CPNetCon will provide a platform for dialogue on immediate medical and nursing care for life-threatening emergencies. Presentations will discuss the roles of resident doctors, hospital emergency rooms, and ambulance services, giving attendees a comprehensive understanding of the options available during subjective emergencies.

IFSJ Comment

This news signifies a proactive step towards global collaboration in disaster management and civil protection.

It is a milestone event in strengthening the interconnectivity of various civil protection actors, which is instrumental in the face of increasing security-related threats.

As a platform, CPNetCon holds the potential to redefine disaster management and civil protection strategies across the EU and beyond.

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