Euralarm introduces a new task group on environmental sustainability

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The Horizontal Compliance Committee of Euralarm has embarked on a fresh initiative centred on environmental and sustainability concerns.

The inaugural meeting for this group was held on August 23rd.

Euralarm’s proactive approach to sustainability

Earlier in the year, the Horizontal Compliance Committee recognised the growing number of European legislative initiatives concerning the environment and sustainability under the European Green Deal.

The experts on such topics from Euralarm members are typically distinct from those who handle electrotechnical subjects.

Consequently, the Committee saw the need to begin a Task Group specifically for these subjects, contingent on adequate expert interest.

The response was positive, with the August 23rd meeting seeing participation from 17 experts spanning 14 organisations, representing all Euralarm sections.

Christian Schmitz of Honeywell chaired the meeting as the Horizontal Compliance Committee head.

Addressing pivotal environmental legislations

The core aim of this new Task Group is to tackle the legislations related to environmental sustainability where Euralarm can either make a difference or where substantial impact on its members is expected.

The Task Group is set to delve into topics as per the Horizontal Compliance Committee’s suggestions.

Among them are the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, sustainability prerequisites for revising the CPR, and others like the Digital Product Passport, Green Claims Directive, and Right to Repair Directive.

The Task Group also plans to collaborate with the Orgalim Green Transition Working Group to avoid overlaps and optimise outcomes.

The outcomes from the Task Group may range from informative memos encapsulating legislations to Euralarm’s feedbacks, position papers, guidance resources, and webinars.

IFSJ Comment

Euralarm’s establishment of a Task Group dedicated to environmental sustainability mirrors the growing global emphasis on the environment and responsible industry practices.

With a focus on legislative initiatives under the European Green Deal, this move is timely and could potentially shape policies and directives that have a far-reaching impact on the fire safety and security industry.

The collaboration with other organisations further showcases Euralarm’s commitment to a holistic and inclusive approach to sustainability.

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