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Euralarm webinar addresses future talent in fire safety sector

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Euralarm, alongside industry partners, will host a webinar focussing on the future of talent in the fire safety sector.

This event is part of the opening day of the European Fire Safety Week on November 13, beginning at 13:30 CET.

The session aims to explore avenues for attracting new talent into the fire safety sector, an industry pivotal to the construction and renovation of buildings across Europe.

Details of the webinar, including registration, can be found on the European Fire Safety Week website, with attendees able to register here.

Industry experts to discuss fire safety sector’s talent attraction

The session will feature speakers Krzysztof Biskup from the European Fire Safety Alliance, Andrew Bailey from Rathbone Results, George Zitko from Zitko Group, Miguel Coll from Siemens, and Franklyn Okwara from the Modern Building Alliance.

The full programme is available on the European Fire Safety Week’s website for those interested in the detailed agenda.

Securing the future of fire safety through talent development with Euralarm

The fire safety sector, essential for ensuring the safety of buildings, faces the challenge of attracting skilled professionals.

With technological advancements demanding new skills, and the European Renovation Wave and Digital Transition setting ambitious goals, the sector’s need for talent is growing.

This webinar aims to address these challenges and propose solutions for developing the future workforce that the fire safety sector requires to flourish.

IFSJ Comment

The landscape of fire safety is rapidly evolving, influenced by technological advancements and regulatory changes.

The need for skilled professionals in this sector is a reflection of the critical role fire safety plays in safeguarding our communities.

Today’s discussion about the recruitment and development of talent is more than a sector-specific concern; it’s about ensuring that as our buildings become smarter and our construction standards higher, we have the right people with the right skills to design, implement, and manage fire safety systems.

The insights from this webinar could influence how the industry approaches talent acquisition and development, potentially impacting fire safety standards and the wellbeing of citizens across Europe for years to come.

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