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Europe continues to burn as wildfires hit parts of Spain


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Spain has become the latest European country to be hit by wildfires as temperatures hit 47C in some parts of the country. At least 800 people have been evacuated from the worst effected region of Ávila in central Spain and two planes, a helicopter and almost 200 firefighers have been dispatched to help fight the blaze.

In a Tweet, the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez commented: “Solidarity to the evacuated residents, I can imagine their pain and worry. And immense thanks to the #BRIF @UMEgob, Civil Protection and all emergency services fighting fire.”

On Saturday, Spain set a new provisional heat record of 47.2 degrees Celsius (116.96 Fahrenheit), and the heat is expected to last as the rescue mission continues. Europe has seen a high amount of wildfires this year, with Greece and Algeria also experiencing unprecedented heat waves.

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