European organisations unite to launch EU Fire Safety Manifesto for 2024-2029

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In a significant development for fire safety in Europe, eighteen organisations, including the European Fire Safety Alliance, have launched the EU Manifesto for 2024-2029.

This critical initiative, unveiled on November 20th, 2023, coincides with the nearing end of the current European Parliament term and builds on insights from this year’s European Fire Safety Week.

A collaborative effort for enhanced fire safety

The manifesto represents a concerted effort by European entities to enhance fire safety standards across the EU.

It calls upon the European Union to devise a comprehensive fire safety strategy.

This strategy aims to assist Member States in ensuring the fire safety of EU citizens in all types of buildings and to coordinate and supplement the efforts of Member States as required.

Fire safety manifesto highlights: Key points and objectives

The manifesto, detailed in a recently released document, outlines several key objectives:

  1. Strengthening Fire Safety Standards: The manifesto emphasises the need for robust fire safety standards across all EU Member States. It advocates for uniformity in fire safety regulations to ensure consistent protection for all EU citizens.
  2. Support and Coordination: A major focus of the manifesto is on providing support to Member States in their fire safety initiatives. It recognises the varied challenges faced by different countries and proposes a coordinated approach to address these issues effectively.
  3. Public Awareness and Education: The manifesto also highlights the importance of raising public awareness about fire safety. It suggests implementing educational programmes and campaigns to increase understanding and preventive measures among EU citizens.

‘An urgent need to act’

Commenting on the initiative, Theresa Griffin, chair of the Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety highlighted : “The recent EU Fire Safety Week showed there is an urgent need to act at EU level.

“Existing fire risks remain perilously unmitigated and new challenges are arising.

“The EU must play an important coordinating role in fire safety as it impacts and is impacted by several of its core objectives.”

‘A silent crisis’

The International Water Mist Association, who signed the Manifesto, said: “EU citizens, who spend 90% of their time indoors, are facing a silent crisis.

“Each year, the EU reports approximately 5000 fire-related casualties in domestic settings.

“These tragic incidents are often a result of outdated electrical systems, flammable household items, and inadequate safety measures in buildings.

“New fire risks emerge, particularly from the electrification of buildings.

“Innovations like solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and heat pumps bring potential fire hazards due to increased electrical loads and maintenance challenges.”

‘A consistent level of protection’

Euralarm commented on the Manifesto: “The free movement of EU citizens is one of the fundamental EU freedoms.

“Every person, whether they are a resident, a tourist, or an Erasmus student, deserves and expects a consistent level of protection and safety wherever they might be within our borders.

“Moreover, striving to meet the objectives of the EU Green Deal, the European Union needs to properly address the emerging safety risks linked to electrification solutions and other modifications of the built environment.

“This is needed to avoid slowing down the deployment of innovative decarbonisation and sustainability solutions in EU buildings.”

A holistic approach

The Modern Building Alliance welcomed the sectorial approach to address fire safety in buildings at the European level: “For us, fire safety should be considered in a holistic way, starting with prevention, detection, early suppression, evacuation, compartmentation, structural safety and firefighting, which is reflected by the consortium of co-signatories.”

IFSJ Comment

The launch of the EU Fire Safety Manifesto for 2024-2029 marks a pivotal moment in the collective effort to enhance fire safety across Europe.

By uniting organisations across the continent, this initiative underscores the importance of collaboration in addressing complex safety challenges.

The emphasis on uniform safety standards, support for Member States, and public awareness demonstrates a comprehensive approach to fire safety.

This unified strategy could significantly improve safety standards, potentially leading to a reduction in fire-related incidents and casualties across the EU.

The manifestation of this collaborative effort in the form of a detailed manifesto reflects a deep commitment to the safety and well-being of all EU citizens.

About European Fire Safety Alliance

The European Fire Safety Alliance (EuroFSA) plays a vital role in enhancing fire safety across Europe.

As a network organisation, EuroFSA collaborates with various entities, including governmental bodies, NGOs, and fire safety professionals, to develop and implement effective fire safety strategies.

Their efforts are instrumental in shaping fire safety policies and practices, making them a key player in the ongoing endeavour to ensure a safer Europe.

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