Explore construction’s burning issues at London Build Expo

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London Build, The UK’s Premier Construction Show, returns this month

As fire and safety professionals understand, any discussion on construction is incomplete without addressing the pivotal role of fire safety.

London Build 2023 recognises this imperative, putting fire safety at the forefront of the construction and design conversation.

Set to return to Olympia London on November 15th and 16th, this year’s edition promises not just a comprehensive showcase of construction marvels but also a deep dive into the latest advancements in fire safety protocols and technologies.

London Build Event overview

While London Build caters to the entire spectrum of the construction industry, the 2023 edition holds special significance for fire and safety professionals.

Including a dedicated fire safety stage which will serve as a platform where experts, innovators, and industry leaders converge to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in fire safety within construction.

Expect a series of technical sessions, panel discussions, and live demos that will explore cutting-edge technologies, regulatory landscapes, and best practices.

Networking opportunities at London Build

London Build 2023 is poised to be a networking nexus for fire safety professionals.

At its core, the event introduces Specialised Networking Zones.

Crafted specifically for fire safety enthusiasts, these zones facilitate discussions and collaborations for both seasoned professionals and industry newcomers.

The highlight is the ‘Ingite and Connect – Fire Safety Networking’ event.

Managed by the Fire Industry Association, it offers a platform for vibrant conversations and the exchange of insights.

It’s not just about chats; it’s about fostering potential collaborations.

Adding depth are the Interactive Roundtables.

More than mere discussion spaces, they function as think tanks, addressing urgent fire safety challenges and potentially birthing innovations.

For suppliers and partners, the Meet the Buyer Events are invaluable.

These provide opportunities to liaise with potential buyers and major exhibitors, presenting a chance for significant business ties.

There will also be collaborative sessions with industry giants, such as the Chartered Institute of Building, ensure that fire safety dialogues are harmoniously woven into broader construction narratives.

Exhibition highlights at London Build

London Build 2023 promises an unparalleled exhibition journey, especially tailored for fire safety professionals.

The event’s centrepiece is a dedicated fire safety stage.

This isn’t just a stage—it’s a convergence point where innovations, products, and industry best practices come alive.

Here, attendees can expect an in-depth look into the most recent advancements and a chance to hear from the sector’s leading experts.

Additionally, with over 350 exhibitors, the breadth of the exhibition is undeniable.

Professionals will encounter a vast array of products and services, ranging from the most avant-garde fire-resistant materials to groundbreaking fire safety technologies.

Notably, the meet the buyer events are set to be a landmark feature.

This is where potential partnerships can be forged, especially with the confirmed participation of industry titans like Balfour Beatty Highways, Costain UK, and Laing O’Rourke.

Gor those keen on a more tactile understanding of the newest innovations, the interactive displays offer an immersive experience, giving attendees a tangible sense of the future of fire safety.

While London Build 2023 stands tall as a foremost professional event, it also ensures attendees have a well-rounded experience that extends beyond the realm of business.

The event fuses the serious with the delightful.

As the day progresses, attendees can lose themselves in an entertainment extravaganza, filled with live music and captivating performances.

For those looking for a dash of nostalgia, the retro revelry promises a trip back to the ’90s, allowing participants to relive the charm of a bygone era.

After absorbing the day’s insights, the speak-easy provides a serene retreat—a space curated for relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation.

And to ensure the event remains etched in memory, London Build 2023 will pepper the experience with exclusive giveaways, adding that touch of unexpected joy.

Day one highlights at London Build

Day one of London Build 2023 promises an encompassing exploration of the construction and design world.

Morning sessions starting at 10:00 with a focus on sustainability and design.

As the construction industry faces an increasing need for sustainable practices, discussions around sustainable tall buildings, the imperative to digitise for decarbonisation, and envisioning the future of skyscrapers stand out.

In parallel, the significance of creating inclusive spaces is underscored with dedicated sessions on designing buildings that are accessible and universal.

Fire safety, always a paramount concern, also gets its spotlight with a detailed session on the latest strategies tailored for high-rise buildings.

Amidst these academic discussions, networking and industry collaborations find their place, with events like the London Constructing Excellence Club Breakfast and the CIOB London Construction Social offering attendees unique opportunities to mingle and form meaningful connections.

The mid-day sessions from 12:00 onwards see technological innovation takes center stage.

The transformative power of AI in revolutionising construction and the paradigm shift towards smart buildings are among the key highlights.

The agenda also brings into focus the broader societal impact and responsibilities of the construction industry.

An exclusive segment for fire safety professionals, the ‘Ignite and Connect: Fire Safety Networking Event’ at 11:45, offers a dedicated platform for interaction and knowledge exchange.

The afternoon has a marked emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the construction landscape, delving into topics such as gender diversity in the sector and the increasing opportunities for women.

As always, safety remains at the forefront, with comprehensive sessions on passive fire protection principles and the diverse applications of water mist fire protection.

Several future-focused sessions will also provide insights into upcoming trends, from timber buildings to visionary strategies for sustainable construction.

Day two highlights at London Build

On the second day of London Build 2023 the theme of sustainable progress interwoven with societal responsibility takes the limelight.

Kicking off at 10:00, the discussions will venture into the pathways towards a net-zero future, a topic that’s crucial in the contemporary global scenario.

Attendees will gain insights into the outcomes of the COP28, learn about the influence of digital twins in driving sustainability, and be introduced to ways in which the construction world is contributing to creating carbon-neutral cities.

With digital technology revolutionising numerous sectors, its impact on fire safety and its transformative role in the industry is explored.

An intriguing workshop on ChatGPT and its applications in the workplace further underscores the importance of digital technology in today’s evolving work landscape.

In other sessions, the importance of sustainable design is emphasised by industry leaders, while the challenges in bridging the digital skills gap provide food for thought.

As inclusivity remains at the heart of modern workplaces, sessions on neurodiversity and empowering disabled talent in the construction sector draw attention to the diverse spectrum of human potential.

Mental health, a topic of paramount importance, is brought to the forefront with workshops centred on its destigmatisation and its significance in the construction domain.

The afternoon of Day Two sees an expansive exploration of design principles, technology, and inclusivity.

Meanwhile, sessions on redefining fire safety and fostering inclusive cultures in architecture cater to both the functional and moral responsibilities of the industry.

Concluding the day, discussions on smart cities driven by data, the construction industry’s role in the circular economy, and the importance of supporting prison leavers highlight the multifaceted nature of the industry.

Workshops on digital marketing strategies and sustainable interior design reflect the blend of tradition and modernity in today’s construction world.

Why you should attend London Build

In an era where construction intricacies have rapidly evolved, the event’s focus on integrating fire safety proves both timely and essential.

The dedicated fire safety stage, designed as a hub for leading expertise and pioneering innovations, stands as a testament to the event’s commitment to advancing the dialogue around fire safety.

The promise of in-depth technical sessions, coupled with the interplay of expert panel discussions and live demonstrations, offers attendees an unparalleled opportunity to immerse in the latest fire safety nuances within the construction domain.

For any fire and safety professional, London Build 2023 is an opportunity to be at the nexus of change, innovation, and safety.

This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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