Exploring the role of large flow firefighting ventilators in battling large-scale fires

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LEADER’s contribution to firefighting with their range of large flow ventilators

As the construction of larger buildings increases globally, combating fires in these structures presents new challenges.

To address this, LEADER, a renowned company in the field, has developed a range of firefighting ventilators, often referred to as Large Flow Ventilators (LFV) or Mobile Ventilation Units (MVUs).

These innovative machines deliver high airflows and are particularly useful in tackling large fires in various settings such as warehouses, tunnels, airports, industrial complexes, and high-rise buildings.

Deploying large flow firefighting ventilators: When and why?

Whether it’s in road or railway tunnels, on airplanes and other aircraft, at airports, in factories post firefighting intervention, in shopping centres, in high buildings or in covered/underground parking, LEADERS says use of these ventilators can have substantial benefits.

Notably, they are crucial in evacuating smoke from the structure, cooling the area, facilitating emergency services, and quickly supplying fresh air.

In cases such as factories, where fixed smoke extraction systems may not always be present or adequately sized to handle smoke capture, the use of a Mobile Ventilation Unit (MVU) can prove particularly advantageous.

Such a unit offers a mobile, modular, and cost-effective solution, significantly reducing smoke extraction times and preventing the spread of smoke and hot gases to other warehouses.

The benefits of LEADER’s large flow firefighting ventilators

These high-flow ventilators by LEADER offer a host of benefits. Designed for easy operation and positioning by a single individual, these ventilators are independent of fixed firefighting protection systems and offer efficient ventilation of very large volumes.

They are particularly effective in firefighting scenarios involving underground parking lots or warehouses.

Furthermore, these ventilators are adaptable to all types of vehicles, including pickups, trucks, railway platforms, lifting arms, trailers, trolleys, forklifts, and even tracked vehicles.

They also come equipped with a variety of accessories and options for enhanced efficiency, such as wireless remote control, misting systems, a high expansion foam adapter, shroud inclination, blowing or extraction ducts, a 360° rotation system, lifting platforms, and exhaust extensions.

Choosing the right LEADER large-flow firefighting ventilator

LEADER offers a variety of large-flow fans to accommodate different working constraints.

Whether it’s their portable large-flow fans, ideal for medium-sized industrial buildings and underground car parks, or their high flow/volume firefighting fans, designed for the ventilation of very large volumes in warehouses, tunnels, airports, industrial complexes, and high-rise buildings, LEADER offers an effective solution to meet all needs.

Introducing the EASY 5000

Designed for easy operation and manoeuvrability by a single individual, LEADER’s trailer-mounted high-flow fans deliver unrivalled performance.

With the option to mount them on various mobile intervention vehicles, the flexibility and practicality of these devices are further enhanced.

One of the standout models is the EASY 5000 which, with an airflow range up to 1,120,000 m³/h, is able to rapidly ventilate extensive areas.

Unique features

The EASY 5000 comes equipped with an array of features that enhance its efficiency.

These include wireless remote control for better manoeuvrability, a misting system for efficient smoke dilution and cooling, a high expansion foam adapter for effective fire suppression, and an adjustable shroud tilting system for easy adaptation to different configurations.

Other notable features include blowing or extraction ducts for better ventilation in confined spaces, a 360° rotation system for precise orientation, and exhaust extensions to minimise harmful gas introduction.

IFSJ Comment

The increasing scale of structures and the inherent challenges they pose in a fire necessitate advanced tools.

LEADER’s ventilators deliver impressive performance in such scenarios, underscoring a significant evolution in firefighting techniques. Innovations such as the EASY 5000 are a significant stride forward.

LEADER’s high-flow ventilators demonstrate the potential to revolutionise the way fire services tackle large-scale incidents, underscoring our ongoing commitment to firefighter safety and effective response strategies.

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