FIA opens new practical training facility at Northwich

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FIA Northwich launches new practical training area for fire safety professionals

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has unveiled a new practical training area at its Northwich location, aiming to enhance hands-on training for fire safety management.

This facility marks a significant development in fire safety training, integrating practical experience into FIA’s comprehensive educational offerings.

Members of the FIA are now invited to contribute by supplying and installing essential training equipment.

About the practical training area

Situated at FIA Northwich, this new training environment is positioned to bridge the gap between digital learning and practical application.

The facility will focus on delivering training that meets the real-world demands of fire safety, equipped with essential tools like dry riser equipment, hose reels, and fire detection and alarm systems.

This initiative allows FIA members to showcase their products and contributes significantly to raising the standards of fire safety training.

Equipment and collaboration opportunities

The practical training area requires specific equipment to simulate real firefighting scenarios, making it a vital component of the training process.

The FIA is seeking expressions of interest from its members to supply and install equipment such as hose reels, which are essential for practicing firefighting techniques, and dry riser equipment, crucial for training in various fire response scenarios.

IFSJ Comment

The FIA’s establishment of a new practical training area at its Northwich facility is a strategic step towards enhancing the practical skills of fire safety professionals.

By combining digital courses with real-world applications, the initiative ensures a more rounded educational experience.

Moreover, by involving its members in the development of the training facility, the FIA not only enhances its educational offerings but also fosters a collaborative environment within the industry.

This development is indicative of FIA’s commitment to adapting to evolving industry needs and providing comprehensive training to meet the challenges of modern fire safety management.

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