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FIA reveal new Level 3 FD&A qualification

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The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has announced that it is now offering training to a Level 3 qualification for the fire detection and alarm (FD&A) sector – Fundamentals of FD&A in Non-Domestic Premises.

Designed to provide a “concise and focused” introduction to the FD&A sector, the course is suited to individuals that are starting out in the fire detection industry and are looking for training leading to a qualification within this area. The FIA reviewed its current training and Level 3 qualifications available following the Grenfell Tower fire and the subsequent Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, and identified the need for a “more succinct” Level 3 qualification focusing on the fundamentals of fire detection and alarm management.

The FIA have been running advanced qualifications since the beginning of 2018 which will continues to run alongside the new qualifications. The new training comprises two two-day training units with an open-book exam at the end of the second unit. Those who pass will gain a Level 3 qualification based on BS 5839-1.

As well as the two standard units, there is a ‘Conversion to Fundamentals’ unit – this is available to delegates who have previously taken the FIA’s Foundation to FD&A course. Delegates successfully completing the conversion unit and exam will gain the Level 3 Fundamentals of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems in Non-Domestic Premises qualification.

Ian Moore, CEO of FIA, commented: “We have been running our Level 3 qualifications for over a year now and it is clear from the feedback a different style of exam is needed. Modern exam techniques focus more on where to find the information that is readily available (i.e. through the internet, manuals or standards) and not a memory test as I was used to ‘back in the day’. The new Fundamentals qualification will have an open book (BS 5839-1 or the FIA training manual) exam and having completed, what we consider to be world-class, training the learners will be able to approach the exam with confidence.”

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