Fike unveils Fike Blue to combat thermal runaway in lithium batteries

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The new solution for lithium battery fire hazards

Fike Corporation has unveiled a groundbreaking development in fire safety technology with the launch of Fike Blue.

This solution represents a patented and third-party validated method aimed specifically at halting thermal runaway in lithium batteries within energy storage systems.

Thermal runaway, a significant fire hazard in lithium batteries, occurs when a malfunctioning battery cell at elevated temperatures triggers adjacent cells to also experience thermal runaway, leading to potentially catastrophic fire and explosion risks.

Traditional fire suppression methods, such as water and chemical agents, have been effective in suppressing fires but do not address the root cause – thermal runaway.

This often leads to the continuous production of dangerous off-gases, sustained burning, and even the risk of re-ignition.

Fike Blue: A significant advancement in fire safety technology

Fike’s extensive research and collaborative efforts have led to the creation of Blue, which has undergone stringent testing at Fike’s Remote Testing Facility in Blue Springs, Missouri, and by independent organisations, including CSA (Canadian Standards Association), in a UL-9540A test.

Omri Tayyara, Director of Mechanical Engineering at Jule, said: “We were astounded by its performance.

“Blue cooled our internal module temperatures from several hundred degrees Celsius to under one hundred degrees and prevented cascading thermal runaway–a true engineering breakthrough.

“It was extremely impressive to watch and the whole thing was done in less than 10 minutes.”

Key features of Blue

Blue showcases several remarkable characteristics that differentiate it from conventional fire suppression methods.

It fully submerses the cells and absorbs intense exothermic heat without breaking down, thanks to its boiling point of over 400°C.

The solution uses exponentially less liquid compared to traditional sprinkler systems, resulting in minimal environmental runoff.

Blue is not classified under the family of PFAS, many of which are under global investigation.

It is stored as a pressurised liquid and discharged in the same state, ensuring effective and immediate application.

Less conductive than water, Blue has never caused short-circuiting in the cells.

It can be stored for at least five years at 25°C without the formation of precipitates or sediment.

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IFSJ Comment

The introduction of Blue by Fike Corporation represents a significant step forward in fire safety technology, particularly concerning energy storage systems.

This innovative solution specifically addresses the critical and often overlooked aspect of fire safety – thermal runaway in lithium batteries.

This breakthrough not only enhances the safety of energy storage systems but also shows a commitment to environmental sustainability through its minimal use of liquid and absence of harmful PFAS.

Blue’s ability to effectively cool down and prevent cascading thermal runaway in a remarkably short time frame is a major advance in industrial fire safety.

Its development and successful third-party testing highlight the evolving landscape of fire safety solutions and the importance of addressing specific hazards with tailored, efficient, and environmentally conscious methods.

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