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Fire and Emergency New Zealand expands local advisory committees

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Strengthening community involvement in fire safety

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is expanding its Local Advisory Committees (LACs) initiative to encompass more areas across the country, including Southland, Taranaki, Waikato, and Nelson-Tasman, while also seeking new members for the existing Hawke’s Bay LAC.

These committees play a pivotal role in integrating community perspectives into national and local planning, offering vital advice on community values, needs, and risks.

The organisation emphasises the importance of community insights in shaping its services.

As stated by a spokesperson: “LACs help to shape the future of Fire and Emergency’s support for communities by enabling us to better understand what matters to you – now and in the future.

“This means we can better support you to prepare for, respond to, and recover well from emergencies when they happen.”

Call for experienced and connected community members

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is currently inviting applications from individuals with experience in governance or strategic management, who are well-connected within diverse community and industry groups.

The ideal candidates will provide deeper insights into the views and concerns of their communities, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of local needs.

In highlighting the value of community participation, a representative remarked: “We know some of the risks faced by our local communities and industries. But you will know more.

“We need local people with the networks, knowledge, and experience to help us build this picture.”

Applications and information for prospective members

Interested individuals can find more details about the role and responsibilities of LAC members, as well as the application process, on the Fire and Emergency New Zealand website.

Applications for the new LAC positions opened on 14 March and will close on 14 April 2024.

IFSJ Comment

The expansion of Local Advisory Committees by Fire and Emergency New Zealand represents a dedicated effort to ensure that community voices are heard and integrated into fire safety and emergency planning.

By involving local individuals with relevant experience and connections, Fire and Emergency New Zealand aims to enhance its understanding of community-specific needs and risks, leading to more tailored and effective service delivery.

This initiative underscores the significance of local knowledge and community engagement in emergency preparedness and response.

Such inclusive approaches are essential for developing comprehensive safety strategies that resonate with and effectively serve diverse communities.

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