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Fire and Emergency New Zealand ratifies a new Collective Employment Agreement

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Fire and Emergency New Zealand and the Fire and Emergency Commanders Association (FECA) have officially ratified a new Collective Employment Agreement which covers those in operational firefighting management, District/Group Manager and senior specialist roles.

Fire and Emergency chief executive Kerry Gregory stated: “This agreement is a very pleasing outcome from what has been a thorough process.” “We have taken the time to work things through together and get it right.”

Furthermore, Gregory emphasised the significance of the agreement, saying: “It’s important that this agreement is forward looking and strategic, as our people in these roles lead our operational workforce in their work with communities and in response to emergency events.

“Their leadership is a critical component in us achieving our objectives and delivering for communities.”

The professional body bridging New Zealand’s firefighting community

FECA is recognised for representing the interests of Fire and Emergency Commanders throughout New Zealand.

Its members effectively lead and oversee both career and volunteer firefighters across the country.

FECA President Geoff Purcell shared his sentiments: “The FECA Committee is pleased with the outcome, as it is a step towards our own strategic goals (FECA Strategic Plan 2023-2028) to make assistant commander and commander positions attractive and a legitimate career pathway.”

He further elaborated on the aspirations to: “Enhance terms and conditions for other roles outside of District.”

Des Irving, FECA’s Secretary, pointed out: “The Strategic Relationship Panel concept is innovative and reflects the mature relationship between our two organisations.

“We see it as a useful tool to help improve morale and deal with CEA matters quickly and efficiently by allowing key decision makers from both parties to resolve matters of importance through regular and constructive interaction.”

This Strategic Relationship Panel aims to uphold the commitments between the two organisations, aligning with the Statement of Understanding at the inception of the agreement.

Its primary purpose is to identify, explore, and promote the key issues of importance to both organisations for mutual benefit.

For detailed insights on the new Collective Employment Agreement, you can find more information here.

Employment terms in focus

The terms of the agreement are comprehensive, with pay and conditions for the mentioned positions varying due to diverse responsibilities and specialist skills.

The base salary for District-based operational managers is noted to range from $151,000-$202,000.

Furthermore, many FECA members have the opportunity to be part of the Fire Superannuation Scheme, where contributions by employees are significantly matched by Fire and Emergency.

Additional allowances, health benefits, leave provisions, and support mechanisms are also part of the agreement, enhancing the welfare and growth opportunities for employees.

IFSJ Comment

The ratification of this new Collective Employment Agreement by Fire and Emergency New Zealand and the Fire and Emergency Commanders Association is a significant step for New Zealand’s emergency services.

With a focus on strategic foresight, the agreement ensures the advancement of those in pivotal roles, fostering a collaborative and efficient environment.

By setting clear terms and benefits, the agreement underscores the importance of safeguarding the welfare of these professionals, thereby ensuring the continued effective response to emergencies and community engagement.

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