Fire and Emergency training collaboration set to improve quality assurance


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Fire and Emergency training collaboration set to improve quality assurance

Te Pūkenga and Fire and Emergency New Zealand forge partnership

Te Pūkenga is collaborating with Fire and Emergency New Zealand to enhance the quality assurance and professional development in their training programmes.

While many are familiar with Fire and Emergency as a crucial response service, it’s also pivotal to note that they play a vital role as a training provider.

The organisation provides two accredited programmes from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and an additional three hundred separate unit standards to its members.

As per a recent news update, this new collaboration aims to ensure that these training programmes are of the highest standard.

Dr Megan Gibbons on the importance of quality in Fire and Emergency training

“Quality assurance and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of maintaining the highest standards,” states Dr Megan Gibbons, the Deputy Chief Executive – Academic Centre and Learning Systems at Te Pūkenga.

Te Pūkenga, through a recently signed agreement, is set to offer post-moderation services from now until July 2024.

This agreement encompasses over 9,000 results for about a thousand learners, ranging from volunteer firefighters to communication centre workers.

Dr Gibbons emphasised the national network’s capability, stating that it enables Te Pūkenga to cater to Fire and Emergency, an organisation with specialised requirements.

Striving for excellence in training and development

Janine Hearn, Deputy Chief Executive People, believes this alliance is a significant stride towards enhancing the organisation’s training quality assurance systems.

She added: “We remain confident that our training meets high standards. Support from Te Pūkenga will bolster our assessment and moderation processes, ensuring both our personnel and all New Zealanders remain assured of its quality.”

Taking the lead on this initiative is Careerforce | Te Pūkenga, a division known for its extensive experience in quality assurance and professional development.

Their previous accomplishments include a significant assessment for the Ministry of Health from 2017 to 2020, examining learning outcomes’ equivalencies for healthcare certificates.

Reflecting on their past achievements, Careerforce Executive Director Rod Bentham commented: “The pay equity work showcased our capability to manage large, intricate evaluation projects.”

He also expressed eagerness about the upcoming collaboration, stating: “We are keenly anticipating our work with Fire and Emergency and its assessors.”

IFSJ Comment

The collaboration between Te Pūkenga and Fire and Emergency New Zealand marks a significant advancement in the realm of Fire and Emergency training.

With an emphasis on quality assurance and professional development, this partnership is poised to set new standards in training practices.

Leveraging the strengths of both organisations, this alliance ensures that personnel receive top-notch training, fostering not only their individual growth but also ensuring the safety and well-being of the New Zealand community.

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