Fire Safety Event 2024: ASFP spearheads awareness on passive fire protection

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ASFP elevates passive fire safety discourse at 2024 Fire Safety Event

The recent Fire Safety Event served as a pivotal platform for advancing discussions on passive fire protection (PFP) within the construction sector.

The event featured a series of expert-led talks that drew significant attention, highlighting the critical role of PFP in enhancing building safety.

The ASFP’s Passive Fire Experience trailer was a key attraction, providing a dedicated space for industry professionals to engage in meaningful conversations and forge connections aimed at driving change within the industry.

Day one of the conference saw Niall Rowan, ASFP’s Technical & Regulatory Affairs Officer, opening the discussions with a focus on the evolving responsibilities of manufacturers in installed passive fire protection.

The sessions included insights from David Roulstone and Paul Nash, who delved into building movement and fire-stopping penetrations.

Highlights from the presentations

The following days continued to feature high-caliber presentations from industry experts.

Karthick Govathanam discussed the PFP requirements in roof spaces, while Antonino Piazza updated attendees on Rockwool’s innovations in PFP.

Simon Ince presented a developer program for evaluating firestop systems, followed by Paul McSoley who addressed construction procurement and product safety, underlining the significance of Regulation 7.

The event concluded with talks from Adam Shipstone and Stuart Southall, and a notable presentation on PFP design and implementation by Moe Elmasry.

Engagement and future outlook

Throughout the event, the ASFP’s Managing Director, Mike Ward, played a crucial role in welcoming new and existing members to the Passive Fire Experience trailer.

This initiative not only facilitated networking but also emphasised the importance of specialist fire protection in contemporary design and construction processes.

Looking ahead, the ASFP anticipates even greater participation and innovative contributions at next year’s Fire Safety Event, aiming to continue the momentum in raising PFP awareness and leading industry-wide transformation

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