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Fire safety management training for retail service stations in Matabeleland announced


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Fire Prevention Zimbabwe to Host Comprehensive Training in Bulawayo

Fire Prevention Zimbabwe (FPZ) is set to conduct a fire safety management training specifically for retail service stations operating in the Matabeleland region.

This event, scheduled for Wednesday, will be held at the FPZ offices in Bulawayo.

Under the direction of Mr Reggies Sibanda, the organisation’s director, FPZ has been at the forefront of fire prevention initiatives across the country.

Mr Sibanda, who has received extensive training from both local and international institutions, will lead the training.

He aims to equip participants with essential fire prevention skills.

Mr Sibanda commented on the rationale behind this initiative: “As an organisation, we have realised that there are a lot of fires taking place at service stations, some due to staff turnover.

“We have decided to conduct a fire prevention training. A lot of forecourt attendants are not being retained for a long time, hence the new ones that are there, are not trained properly.

“So, we have realised a gap in that area and it needs serious attention so as to save people’s lives.”

Training Aims to Enhance Safety and Awareness Among Service Station Staff

The training will target forecourt attendants, management, and service station staff, focusing on raising awareness about the importance of fire safety training.

Mr Sibanda emphasised the need for immediate training of staff upon commencement of their roles.

“This training is part of the required statutes and standards for the service stations and it seeks to reduce fire incidents at the service stations.

Hence, we urge all service stations to come and register for this event.”

The training will cover a variety of topics, including building fire teams for the sites, disaster preparedness, safety decanting procedures, and adherence to relevant standards for service stations.

Mr Sibanda added: “This event will take place in Bulawayo at the FPZ offices, Robert Mugabe Way and 14th Avenue, and we will be awarding certificates of participation.

We are asking all service station owners and dealers to come forward and register at Fire Prevention Zimbabwe and be part of this educational experience.”

FPZ’s Commitment to Fire Safety Education and Standards

The upcoming training reflects FPZ’s commitment to fire safety and education, particularly in high-risk environments such as service stations.

By addressing the frequent staff turnover and the consequent lack of training, FPZ aims to bridge a critical gap in fire safety knowledge.

IFSJ Comment

The initiative by Fire Prevention Zimbabwe to conduct fire safety management training for retail service stations is a proactive step towards enhancing safety standards in the Matabeleland region.

This training underscores the importance of continuous education and skill enhancement in fire safety, particularly in environments prone to fire hazards.

By focusing on staff training, especially for new recruits, FPZ is addressing a key area of concern in fire safety management.

The comprehensive nature of the training, covering various aspects of fire safety and preparedness, reflects a thorough approach to ensuring that service station staff are well-equipped to handle fire-related emergencies.

Such initiatives are vital in fostering a culture of safety and preparedness, ultimately contributing to the reduction of fire incidents and enhancing the protection of both staff and customers in the service station industry.

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