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Webinar examines firefighter stress and explosive anger

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Firefighter stress and intimate partner aggression: A webinar insight

Today, 9th August at 10am PST (6:00 PM in London), the Fire Service Psychology Association (FSPA) is hosting a seminar on firefighter stress and how it can affect marital relationships.

The seminar, titled ‘Firefighter Stress and Explosive Anger: The Impact on Marriage,’ is part of the FSPA 2023 Webinar Series.

The webinar is accessible via this link.

Detailed exploration of clinical practices for firefighter stress

Dr. Erica Birkley will present the seminar, which aims to review research on intimate partner aggression (IPA) perpetration prevalence.

It will focus on processes that predict for whom and under what circumstances IPA is most likely to occur.

The discussion will include best clinical practices for when it is ethical to use couple therapy as a treatment mechanism.

Specifically, adaptations and cultural competence in delivering couple therapy and assessing IPA risk among firefighter/paramedics will be covered.

Legal documentation and reporting requirements, as well as court cases and ethics for psychologists, will be extensively discussed.

A mock clinical case to address firefighter stress and treatment strategies

The training will conclude with a firefighter/paramedic mock clinical case.

Participants will elaborate on their goals for assessment, clinical treatment plan formation, documentation, consultation, and reporting strategies.

This mock example will include dual role considerations and an ethical dilemma to provide more in-depth training and reflection.

Psychologists attending the full session will be awarded 1 CE credit.

The fee for this session is $25.

IFSJ Comment

This seminar from the FSPA brings to the forefront a critical subject that often remains unaddressed.

By focusing on firefighter stress and its consequences on personal relationships, it encourages open dialogue and provides valuable insights into professional treatment strategies.

The offering of a practical case scenario further enhances the understanding of handling such complex issues, making this a relevant and timely topic for our readership.

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