Firefighting foam and dry powder suppliers reminded to register on Gibraltar supplier network


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H.M. Government of Gibraltar has invited tenders for the supply of firefighting foam and dry powder products to register on the Supplier Network at their earliest convenience to view and respond to this and future HM Government of Gibraltar electronic Tender and Quotation opportunities.

Completed Tenders are to be be submitted electronically via the Procurement eService Portal no later than midday on 17 February 2023. A detailed User Guide for Suppliers on how to respond to this electronic Tender opportunity is included with the tender document.

The government said that queries arising from the tender documents should not be submitted later than 5 working days before the closing date and should be limited to one query per tenderer with any number of points raised within each query. It said that the Procurement Office will only correspond with Suppliers who register an interest in this Contract Opportunity via the Supplier Portal.

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