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Firefly secures Amazon data centre with Titan Lite fire barriers

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Firefly provides key fire safety solution for Amazon data centre

In a significant development within the fire safety industry, Firefly’s Titan Lite™ 120:60 fire barriers have been selected to enhance fire safety measures at a new Amazon Data Centre located in Hemel Hempstead.

This project underscores the unique capabilities of Titan Lite™ to address complex structural challenges, notably its ability to accommodate a 200mm range of movement, a feature that set Firefly apart from its competitors.

Collaborative expertise and customised solutions

GSI Contract Services Ltd, based in Amersham, is leading the installation efforts as a specialist subcontractor for TSL.

The project, set to span a year, is currently at its midpoint.

Firefly’s technical sales manager, Andy Greenwood, has played a pivotal role in advising on specifications and supplying bespoke installation details.

Additionally, GSI’s operatives have benefited from on-site training, ensuring the project’s success.

Stan Tsenkov, the site manager for GSI Contract Services, shared insights into their experience with Firefly’s products: “We carry out specialist fire protection work in a variety of settings, from healthcare to commercial and residential premises.

“Over the past two years, we’ve relied on Firefly’s Titan Lite™ for several projects, especially in protecting roof spaces in blocks of flats.

“For the Amazon Data Centre, Firefly’s consultant recommended Titan Lite™ as the ideal solution to meet the required standards of integrity and insulation while handling the significant structural movements anticipated.”

Adapting to structural challenges

The capability of Titan Lite™ to manage up to +/- 200mm of movement has been a focal point of the project.

Andy Greenwood highlighted the barrier’s design to withstand such challenges: “The high specification of the Amazon Data Centre necessitated a fire barrier that could adapt to earth tremors and thermal movements without compromising safety.

“Titan Lite™ is engineered to ‘concertina’ back if significant movement occurs, ensuring continuous protection.”

Beyond conventional applications

Titan Lite™ 120:60 is engineered as a versatile fire barrier, offering 120 minutes of integrity and 60 minutes of insulation.

This exceeds the UK Building Regulations’ minimum requirements for Fire Barriers as detailed in Approved Document B (Fire Safety).

Manufactured from specially treated woven glass fibre fabrics, Firefly’s barrier products are designed for a wide range of buildings, from factories and warehouses to healthcare facilities and railway stations.

Specifiers and fire safety contractors seeking further information on Firefly’s comprehensive product range are encouraged to visit their website at www.tbafirefly.com.

IFSJ Comment

The implementation of Firefly’s Titan Lite™ 120:60 at the Amazon Data Centre in Hemel Hempstead represents a noteworthy advancement in fire safety measures for complex and high-value infrastructure projects.

The project’s success underscores the value of investing in specialised fire safety technologies that can adapt to structural movements, ensuring the safety and integrity of critical facilities.


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