FLIR launches Going Above and Beyond competition

Going Above and Beyond competition

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Between the 4th of January and the 31st of March members of the United Kingdom, European Union, Norway and Switzerland will have the opportunity to participate in the FLIR Going Above and Beyond competition.

The contest gives participants the opportunity to win FLIR thermal firefighting cameras for their brigade worth over €12,000.

The list of available prizes include one FLIR K55 high performance thermal camera, three FLIR K2 compact thermal cameras with MSX image enhancement function, one FLIR K1 situation surveillance camera and one FLIR OTM 136 Scion monocular thermal camera

In modern fire fighting thermal cameras are an essential tool, especially in building fires. Not only do they provide the user the ability to see through a smoke filled room they also give the power to visualise a plan of action, locate hotspots and much more.

FLIR designed its range of cameras to withstand the most difficult conditions encountered in typical response operations against fires, whether it is a drop from 2 metres, powerful jets of water or extreme heat.

To equip you’re fire department with a full line of thermal imaging cameras that help save lives, protect property and ensure the safety of firefighters, fill out the Going Above and Beyond competition form.

The going above and beyond competition ends on March 31st and is open to legal citizens from the UK EU Norway and Switzerland the winners of the competition will be announced in April 2021.

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