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Flooding kills at least 92 in Germany and Belgium


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At least 92 people have been killed and thousands are missing following severe flooding in Belgium and Germany. The area has seen heavy rain over the last few days which has caused the Ahr river, which flows into the Rhine, to burst its banks.

In the Ahrweiler district over 1300 people remain missing. Authorities in the countries are concerned that the death toll will continue to rise, and have evacuated of several villages below the Steinbach reservoir, with concerns growing that a dam near the Belgium border could burst and cause further devastation.

Prior to the flooding, the German Weather Service had issues extreme weather warnings for western parts of the country, and Hagen has issued a state of emergency. The army are now being brought in to assist with the rescue mission.

Video footage of the disaster has shown cars and trucks being thrown across streets, as roads are blocked by wreckage from the floods. Over 200,000 properties in the region are now without power

The disaster has caused major disruption to rail, road and river transport, with shipping suspended on the Rhine river. As the rescue mission continues the army have been deployed to help stranded residents on Wednesday. The extent of the disaster is so far unknown but there are fears that the death toll may continue to grow and thousands of people will lose their homes.

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