FPA appoints new Managing Director

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The Fire Protection Association (FPA) has announced Dr Gavin Dunn as its new managing director effective from February 2024.

Dr Dunn, who has been serving as the Chief Executive of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers since 2018, is set to bring his expertise in business leadership and fire safety to the forefront of the FPA’s operations.

Experience and vision: Dr Dunn’s roadmap for FPA

David Williams, Chair of the FPA, expressed confidence in Dr Dunn’s appointment: “We are delighted to have appointed Gavin to lead the FPA following an extensive recruitment process.”

Williams highlighted Dr Dunn’s achievements and his broad skill set as pivotal factors for his selection.

His leadership is expected to advance the FPA’s mission in the wake of Jon O’Neill’s tenure, who led the organisation for two decades.

Dr Gavin Dunn to further FPA’s fire safety goals

Gavin Dunn conveyed his commitment to the FPA’s objectives: “I am very pleased to be taking up the role of Managing Director and am committed to the FPA’s long term vision to continue to be the go-to authority in the field of fire protection.”

Dunn plans to leverage his knowledge and the FPA’s strategic values to drive advancements in fire safety standards and practices.

IFSJ Comment

The appointment of Dr Gavin Dunn as Managing Director of the FPA marks a significant leadership transition for the UK’s leading fire safety organisation.

His background as a Chartered Building Engineer and his track record with the Chartered Association of Building Engineers set a precedent for a strong direction in fire safety advocacy.

With an emphasis on technical acumen and business management, Dunn’s role is instrumental in guiding the FPA towards new heights in fire protection, resilience, and safety standards.

In a landscape where fire safety remains a critical concern, the expertise and leadership Dunn brings could catalyse vital progress in building safety measures and regulatory frameworks.

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