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FPA Australia appoints new NSW industry liaison to bolster advocacy efforts

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New appointment to enhance advocacy in NSW

FPA Australia has announced the appointment of David Isaac as the NSW Industry Liaison.

Isaac, previously one of the directors of FPA Australia, will now be a part of the NSW Advocacy team.

Reporting directly to CEO John Collie, he is set to enhance the organisation’s advocacy efforts in New South Wales.

Isaac will also be supporting Paul Waterhouse, the National Manager for Advocacy and Policy.

David Isaac is well-regarded within the industry for his extensive knowledge, vast network, and history of fostering collaborative relationships.

His new role is expected to significantly contribute to FPA Australia’s engagements with key stakeholders, including members, industry groups, and unions.

By doing so, the organisation aims to strengthen its advocacy strategies to be robust and inclusive.

Role differentiation and governance

In his new position, Isaac’s responsibilities will be distinct from his duties as a board member.

This separation ensures transparency and adherence to governance principles.

Nevertheless, Isaac will continue to offer expert guidance to the team as a member of the NSW FPAS Committee.

His appointment is viewed as a strategic move to leverage his dedication and expertise in advancing FPA Australia’s mission.

The mission focuses on influencing and establishing high standards of competency across fire protection disciplines.

Isaac’s involvement is anticipated to play a crucial role in the organization’s continued efforts to engage effectively with stakeholders and promote the fire protection sector’s interests.

Industry reaction and implications

The industry has reacted positively to Isaac’s appointment, recognizing it as a strategic addition to FPA Australia’s advocacy team.

His deep understanding of the fire protection sector, combined with a proven track record in building partnerships, is seen as an asset in navigating the current period of reform.

Isaac’s role in supporting the National Manager for Advocacy and Policy is particularly noted for its potential to enhance the organization’s policy influence and support network within the state.

IFSJ Comment

The appointment of David Isaac as NSW Industry Liaison by FPA Australia represents a thoughtful strategic move aimed at enhancing the organisation’s advocacy and engagement activities within New South Wales.

Isaac’s extensive industry knowledge, combined with his proven ability to foster collaborative relationships, positions him well to contribute significantly to the organisation’s mission.

Through this appointment, FPA Australia reinforces its commitment to promoting high standards of competency and safety within the industry, demonstrating the value of experienced leadership in achieving strategic objectives.

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