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FPA receives accreditation for BS 8458 watermist testing


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The Fire Protection Association (FPA) is delighted to announce we have been awarded UKAS accreditation to carry out fire tests on watermist systems to BS 8458 : 2015 Fixed fire protection systems – Residential and domestic watermist systems – Code of practice for design and installation.

We are proud to be leading the way as one of the first UK fire testing facilities accredited to offer this important British Standard test.
The desire for automatic fire suppression systems has increased dramatically in recent months and years. We have also seen changes in the requirements in legislation such as the mandate for automatic fire suppression systems in all new domestic premises in Scotland and Wales.

The FPA recognised that there were limited test facilities third-party accredited to conduct BS 8458 fire test, meaning there were limited ways to purchase an approved domestic or residential Watermist system which had been tested by a competent certified laboratory. The FPA decided to rectify this by becoming third party certified by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) appointed by government to verify integrity, impartiality and competence.

Our announcement of receiving UKAS accredited certification cements our view that this standard must be taken seriously. It underpins confidence that the service we provide meets the expectations of BS 8458 through a process that verifies integrity, impartially and competence. We are also working with the BSI committee to provide additional clarification.

Further ensuring that our equipment is of the highest standard, our staff are suitably trained, and our procedures maintain the spirit of the
standard. This milestone for FPA is a hallmark for the future, not just for fire testing but the wider fire protection sector. It is the FPA’s belief that third party testing and approval is the best way to ensure suitability of systems and protect people and property from the threat of fire.

Dr Jim Glockling, technical director at the FPA, commented: “Watermist is a complex fire suppression technology, and it is particularly important for prospective purchasers to seek the comfort of standards to ensure they will perform as intended, when needed. This is an immensely proud moment for FPA to continue to push the standards of fire safety forwards, creating industry benchmarks for the built environment.”

To find out more about watermist testing from the FPA, please visit our website.

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