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FSi Promat stresses movement considerations in fire safety at the Fire Safety Event

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Overview of FSi Promat’s presentation

FSi Promat is set to address the critical aspect of accommodating movement in passive fire protection during their presentation at this year’s Fire Safety Event.

The session will take place at the ASFP stage and is scheduled for 12 pm on Tuesday, April 30.

Paul Nash, Technical Manager at FSi Promat, together with David Roulstone, National Commercial and Marketing Manager, will delve into the effects of structural movements on the efficacy of fire stopping solutions.

Details of the event and participation

The presentation by FSi Promat forms a part of the ongoing efforts under the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) passive fire protection seminar programme.

This initiative aims to enhance awareness about the challenges posed by building movements to fire safety measures, potentially leading to non-compliance in dire scenarios.

Furthermore, the team will be available throughout the three-day event at stand 5/D115 to discuss practical solutions and demonstrate their third-party evaluated Flexi Coat solution.

Importance of compliant passive fire protection

David Roulstone emphasized the increased focus on stringent building safety measures following the Hackitt Review.

He noted: “The Fire Safety Event serves as an ideal platform to discuss both the challenges and solutions associated with designing and installing effective passive fire protection that performs as intended during a fire.”

He further stressed the necessity of ensuring continuous compliance of fire safety measures throughout the lifespan of a building, highlighting the potential damages like tears and cracks that can arise from ignoring structural movements.

Roulstone added: “It’s imperative to consider movement when specifying fire stopping.

“At FSi Promat, we demonstrate the significant role movement plays and our solutions, particularly focusing on our Flexi Coat solution.”

IFSJ Comment

The proactive approach taken by FSi Promat at the Fire Safety Event highlights the evolving understanding of fire safety challenges within the construction and safety sectors.

By addressing the impacts of structural movements on fire protection, FSi Promat is leading crucial discussions on ensuring long-term efficacy and compliance of fire safety systems.

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