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CEO of the IFE, Steve Hamm, shares recent progress made by the institution and sheds light on recent accomplishments

As the global demand for effective fire safety measures continues to grow, the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) remains at the forefront of advancing fire sector professionals.

This year, the IFE has expanded its reach to new audiences, is establishing new branches in key regions, and developed further resources for its members.

The IFE has always strived to expand its presence and engage with fire professionals and enthusiasts across the globe. In line with this vision, we’re thrilled to see our presence in the UAE flourish.

This year’s IFSJ Leaders in Fire & Safety Conference cemented our dedication to develop formal recognition within the UAE. I took part in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in partnership with the Assistant Director General for Fire and Rescue Affairs at Dubai Civil Defence (DCD).

The traditional ceremony formalised our professional relationship with DCD, solidifying our intentions moving forward.

Dubai’s strategic location as a hub for innovation, construction and rapid urban development makes it an ideal platform for us to further support the DCD in making Dubai the safest city in the world.

Our working relationship not only provides a local network for professionals in the Middle East, it also enables our members to access our pool of shared knowledge, resources and professional development opportunities.

Expanding horizons

Building on this success, we’re actively exploring opportunities to establish branches in Egypt and Nigeria.

These regions demonstrate immense potential for growth and development in the fire sector and I look forward to sharing further updates in months to come.

By establishing a local presence, the IFE will support these countries’ fire safety efforts, foster collaborative working through shared knowledge and contribute to the development of fire engineering as a recognised profession.

Further resource for members

As the global professional body for those in fire, the IFE is committed to equipping members with the latest tools, resources, and knowledge to excel in their roles, driving advances across the industry.

To this end, we have developed a range of new resources that are readily available to our members. These include:

  • Research papers
  • Technical guides
  • Case studies
  • Over 90 examination centres across the globe

Furthermore, our online members area is proving to be an invaluable resource, housing the intricate details of legislative updates, unlimited access to CPD and resources in one place.

Promoting diversity and early careers

The IFE advocates for a diverse and inclusive workforce in the fire service, our Equity, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EEDI) task force is actively working on initiatives and programs to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment inside the institution and throughout the sector.

The IFE is committed to ensuring that talent from all backgrounds may thrive and contribute to the growth of fire engineering by pushing these efforts, headed by our International President, Dr Peter Wilkinson.

Recognising the value of developing young talent, the IFE has also established an Early Careers Networking Group.

This group will offer prospective fire professionals and those in the early stage of their career, a vital location to connect, learn from industry veterans and obtain insights into career options.

We are paving the way for new routes into the fire service and cultivating tomorrow’s leaders by encouraging mentorship, knowledge sharing and networking.

The IFE is making considerable progress in advancing fire engineering excellence, growing its global reach, and supporting its members across the built environment.

I’m looking forward to taking part in further discussions at our FIRE conference in October alongside UK Construction Week and The Healthcare Estates Conference.

Through the provision of new resources and shared knowledge, we equip our members with the tools to stay ahead in their careers and gain global intel through our discourse.

Our laser focus on diversity and inclusion, as demonstrated by the EEDI task group and Early Careers Networking Group, ensures that the fire profession becomes more accessible, inclusive and diverse, however, there’s still a way to go.

The IFE remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, driving progress and protecting lives through continuous advancement in fire engineering practices.

We invite fire professionals, industry stakeholders and aspiring fire engineers to join us on this journey towards a safer and more resilient future for all. For further information on becoming an IFE member, visit: www.ife.org.uk/Membership.

About the IFE

The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) is a global professional membership body for those in the fire sector that seek to increase their knowledge, professional recognition and understanding of fire through a global discourse.

With over 100 years of history, the IFE is instrumental in shaping a future world that is safer from fire.

Through its ceaseless betterment and sharing of knowledge, it has led the way in enabling fire professions to become rigorously assessed through a well-established and dynamic system of internationally recognised membership grades and fire-related qualifications.

The IFE delivers more than 6,000 exams annually.

Managed for fire professionals by fire professionals, the IFE aims to promote, encourage and improve the science, practice and professionalism of fire engineering, acting as a beacon of established expertise and guiding the way to a fire safe future.

This exclusive article was originally published in the August 2023 issue of International Fire & Safety Journal. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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