G4S and Briggs & Forrester join forces on high-profile UK real estate projects

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Expanding safety and sustainability in major UK development projects

G4S Fire and Security and Briggs & Forrester, a celebrated building services contractor, are collaborating on three major real estate projects across the UK.

As highlighted on the G4S website, this important partnership will be pivotal in delivering safety and sustainability in the development of high-profile properties.

Creating secure and sustainable spaces in key urban centres

The Cocoa Works in York, 135 Park Street in London, and Phoenix in Leeds are the focus of this alliance.

These properties, a blend of residential, office, and retail spaces, are being developed with a strong emphasis on sustainability and urban regeneration.

As a part of this vision, G4S has been selected to supply and install the fire, life safety, and security systems for these projects.

G4S Fire and Security Systems: a comprehensive solution for construction projects

While G4S is commonly associated with security officers and high-security site systems, G4S Fire and Security Systems cater to a wide range of construction projects.

Their services are now being utilised to create secure and sustainable spaces within these major development projects.

The Cocoa Works

The iconic Rowntree factory in York, dating back to the 1890s, is being repurposed into 279 luxury apartments under the project named The Cocoa Works.

Modern community spaces and landscaped gardens will be introduced whilst preserving the building’s historical features.

The G4S team will be contributing to the safety of this environment by providing a Honeywell GENT fire detection system, assisted toilet system, an access control platform, and a video surveillance platform.

135 Park Street in London is a new 12-storey building providing office and retail spaces. This project aims to extend the cultural regeneration of Bankside eastwards, with specific UKGBC Upfront Carbon targets in sight.

To support these objectives, G4S will install Honeywell GENT fire and communication systems, a Baldwin Boxall refuge system, and a C-Tec assisted toilet.

Phoenix in Leeds, set to become the fourth tallest residential building in the city, will house 367 luxury apartments. G4S will equip Phoenix with fire detection, refuge, assisted toilets, access control, surveillance, door monitoring, and intercom systems.

Steve Leader, Head of M&E projects for G4S, stated: “The partnership between G4S Fire and Security and Briggs & Forrester demonstrates our commitment to safety and sustainability in modern building development. Careful planning and coordination, along with the use of modern fire and life safety systems, will help to ensure that these iconic and sustainable buildings are safe places to live and work.”

For more information about G4S’s fire and life safety systems, please visit their dedicated web area, or download their guide.

Comment Section: International Fire & Safety Journal recognises the importance of such partnerships in promoting safety and sustainability in the construction industry. These projects underscore the vital role of integrating advanced fire and life safety systems into building design for the future.

About G4S Fire and Security: A global leader in security and fire safety, G4S offers solutions that protect people, property, and assets. With a diverse portfolio of services, G4S Fire and Security caters to various sectors, from high-risk environments to residential and commercial properties, demonstrating their commitment to safety and sustainability.

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