GBE joins Global Group, spearheading sustainable design practices in building environments

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Harnessing sustainable design: GBE steps up for better building environments

Global Building Environments (GBE), a collective of skilled engineers, consultants, and project managers, has joined forces with Global Group.

Their common goal: to enhance buildings through sustainable design practices, digital engineering platforms, and experienced engineers.

The GBE team specialises in mechanical electrical and public health (MEP), Fire and Sustainability design.

Their extensive experience enables them to deliver technical construction documentation and BIM packages for architects, developers, and self-builders.

With clear descriptions of complex engineering systems, they make the process of building better environments more accessible.

As they integrate into the Global Group ecosystem, GBE said it will enjoy a working environment that encourages curiosity, open discussions, and opportunities for career development.

Shedding light on the role of MEP designers and sustainability consultants in sustainable design

What do MEP designers and sustainability consultants do, exactly? They work hand-in-hand with architects and structural engineers to make sure buildings are not only structurally sound but also efficient, connected, and environmentally friendly.

GBE’s expertise is divided into two primary engineering disciplines. On the one hand, they take on MEP services, utilising the RIBA stages and BIM to develop design packages that often include a coordinated Level 2 Revit model, technical drawings, specifications, and schedules for construction.

On the other hand, they tackle Sustainability & Energy services, which involve the production of legally required Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) on all properties in the UK.

They work closely with architects, developers, house owners, landlords, and estate agents to develop compliant domestic and non-domestic EPCs.

Ensuring safety and sustainability: The interplay of MEP Design, Sustainability and Fire Safety

MEP Design and Sustainability, although recognised as distinct disciplines, are directly affected by fire engineers’ decisions.

As part of Global Group, which specialises in fire safety, GBE collaborates with Global Technical Services (GTS), a renowned fire engineering consultancy.

This collaboration ensures all systems are safe, incorporated, coordinated, and thermally sound.

Leading the new division is Sam Travis-Cavell, a professional engineer with over eight years of industry experience. He’s passionate about sustainable design, customer service, and teamwork.

Travis-Caell said: “Our division have a passion for designing spaces for the end-user; the people that will live, work, and play in the building. We want to create spaces that have an atmosphere, are inherently easy to use and do not cost the earth to run.”

GBE’s role in ensuring buildings are safe, operate effectively, and have minimal environmental impact is increasingly crucial.

Its aim is to reduce the carbon impact of the construction industry by promoting environmentally led building design solutions.

IFSJ Comment

GBE’s integration into the Global Group marks a significant stride in the pursuit of sustainable design practices.

This merger reflects an industry-wide shift towards more holistic, environmentally-conscious design approaches, with implications for safety, energy efficiency, and compliance.

It is essential to keep abreast of these developments, as they shape the future of building design.

About Global Building Environments (GBE)

GBE is a collective of engineers, consultants, and project managers dedicated to creating sustainable, energy-efficient building environments.

By integrating modern technologies and sustainable design practices, GBE is paving the way for a future where buildings are not just functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also kind to the environment.

As part of the Global Group, GBE is part of an ecosystem that fosters curiosity, open dialogue, and career growth.

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