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Historic Copenhagen Old Stock Exchange building damaged in severe fire: What we know so far

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Details of the incident Old Stock Exchange fire

The Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen, one of the city’s most notable historic buildings, has been severely damaged by fire.

The 17th-century structure, known locally as Boersen, experienced the collapse of its iconic spire and significant roof damage.

The building, located adjacent to Christiansborg Palace, houses the Danish Chamber of Commerce and is a key tourist attraction due to its distinctive dragon tail-shaped spire.

Emergency response and evacuations

Emergency services were quickly on the scene as huge plumes of smoke filled the skies over downtown Copenhagen.

Police initiated evacuations in nearby buildings, including an annex of the Danish parliament and the Finance Ministry.

Jakon Engel-Schmidt, Danish Culture Minister, praised the public’s efforts in aiding the rescue operations: “It was touching to see how passers-by helped emergency services to save art treasures and iconic images from the burning building.”

Impact and ongoing precautions

The cause of the fire remains unclear, but its occurrence during renovations raises questions about the circumstances.

Copenhagen police have advised the public to avoid the area, which has seen significant disruptions including the closure of a major road.

Brian Mikkelsen, head of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, actively participated in efforts to salvage valuable items from the fire.

Public and official reactions

Officials and the public have expressed their shock and concern over the fire.

The building, constructed in 1615 and a pivotal part of Denmark’s historical heritage, now faces a period of assessment and recovery.

The full extent of the damage is still being evaluated, but the loss of the spire is a profound blow to the city’s architectural legacy.

IFSJ Comment

The fire at Copenhagen’s Old Stock Exchange is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in maintaining historical structures.

The swift response from emergency services and the public’s active involvement in rescue efforts demonstrate a commendable community spirit.

This incident underscores the need for rigorous safety protocols during renovation works and the importance of rapid response and effective disaster preparedness strategies.

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