Hochiki Europe launches new detectors for UL268 7th edition compliance

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Hochiki Europe introduces new smoke detectors for UL approval

Hochiki Europe, a global leader in life safety solutions, has announced the launch of its latest generation of UL listed smoke detectors.

These detectors are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the UL268 7th Edition standards, addressing a vital need for conventional applications requiring UL approval.

The introduction of these detectors is timely, as the UL-268 7th Edition Standard, which dictates the performance requirements for smoke detectors, is set to be enforced from July 2024.

This standard introduces significant advancements in fire detection technology, including the requirement for detectors to identify smouldering and flaming fires fuelled by materials such as polyurethane furniture foam and burning meat, while also minimizing nuisance alarms.

Hochiki’s advanced technology

Hochiki’s new range of detectors showcases several key features that set them apart in the industry.

The company has developed a redesigned smoke chamber to optimize airflow and smoke intake, incorporating multi-spectrum smoke categorization technology.

This innovation ensures an enhanced response to a variety of fire types, meeting the updated UL268 standards.

Additionally, the introduction of dual LED technology, with red and blue internal emitters positioned at different angles, allows Hochiki’s detectors to more effectively distinguish between smoke particle types.

This ensures a higher precision in fire detection, crucial for the safety of small retail units, health clinics, and educational facilities among others.

The detectors are also equipped with advanced algorithms that allow for quicker reaction to genuine fires while significantly reducing false alarms caused by steam and cooking.

This feature ensures reliability and efficiency in diverse environments.

Automatic drift compensation and maintenance indication is another innovative aspect of Hochiki’s detectors.

Software within each detector continually monitors optical elements, adjusting the baseline and fire threshold to maintain correct sensitivity and provide an accurate response.

For more information about Hochiki Europe’s latest products and innovations, please the Hochiki website.

IFSJ comment

Hochiki Europe’s introduction of their new generation of smoke detectors marks a significant advancement in fire safety technology.

By aligning with the UL268 7th Edition standards, these detectors ensure a higher level of safety for conventional applications, reflecting Hochiki’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in life safety solutions.

This development is crucial for the industry, providing a reliable and efficient means of fire detection that addresses both traditional and emerging fire risks.

As the enforcement date of the new standards approaches, Hochiki’s proactive approach sets a benchmark for the industry, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement and adherence to regulatory advancements in fire safety.

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