Hochiki to exhibit Latitude and FIREscape Nepto at Intersec 2024

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Hochiki, a renowned provider of life safety solutions, will be showcasing its Latitude fire detection system and the FIREscape Nepto emergency lighting system at Intersec 2024.

This premier event for emergency services, security, and safety is scheduled to take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from January 16th to 18th, 2024.

The Hochiki team, based in Dubai, UAE, is gearing up to demonstrate these sophisticated systems.

Latitude system: a cornerstone of safety

Latitude is integral to many of Hochiki’s customers’ safety systems.

It is recognized worldwide for its powerful networking capabilities, modular hardware suitable for various applications, and impressive programming capabilities.

The system’s multilingual capability allows it to operate globally in diverse environments like schools, hospitals, skyscrapers, apartment blocks, commercial spaces, and more.

The system is user-friendly, featuring a touchscreen interface with a graphical user interface for displaying critical information.

It has received multiple approvals and certifications, including UL, FM, EN, BOSEC, and recently, the prestigious DBI certification from Denmark.

FIREscape Nepto: intelligent emergency lighting

Last year, Hochiki unveiled the FIREscape Nepto, an advanced emergency lighting system.

This year, they return to demonstrate its features, including intelligent, self-contained LED luminaires and exit signage, easy installation and maintenance, and networkable, self-monitoring capabilities.

Hochiki’s participation in Intersec 2024

Hemanth Kumar, General Manager of Hochiki Middle East, expressed his excitement about the event: “We’re thrilled to be here at Intersec to kick off what will be an exciting 2024 for Hochiki customers.

We will be showcasing the capabilities of our market leading system Latitude and our emergency lighting system FIREscape Nepto.

We look forward to seeing customers new and old at this year’s event.”

Intersec 2024 promises to be a significant platform for Hochiki to demonstrate their latest innovations.

Hochiki has been a leader in life safety solutions for over a century, with a reputation for high-integrity and long-term reliability in their products.

The company, with a global sales turnover exceeding £400m, operates independently, with over 1500 employees across five manufacturing plants, 32 sales offices, and 18 subsidiaries.

IFSJ Comment

Hochiki’s participation in Intersec 2024 underlines the company’s commitment to continuous innovation in the field of life safety solutions.

The Latitude system and FIREscape Nepto are examples of Hochiki’s efforts to meet diverse global safety needs.

Such events not only showcase technological advancements but also foster an environment for knowledge sharing and collaboration in the safety and security sectors.

Hochiki’s longstanding reputation and its global presence underscore the importance of such platforms in driving industry standards and ensuring safety in various environments.

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