Hyfire wireless fire devices chosen for prominent Stavanger office building

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Hyfire partnership bears fruit

Following a productive collaboration with Norway’s fire systems frontrunner Holta & Håland Safety, Hyfire recently declared the wrap-up of a novel project using its top-tier Taurus wireless fire devices at Randabergporten, an iconic office edifice located in Randabergveien, Stavanger.

Hyfire’s technology at work

In total, 35 Hyfire wireless devices were linked to an Advanced MxPro fire panel in this commercial and industrial building built of concrete in 2010.

These devices are now employed not just for fire detection but also for the release of INERGEN gas when required.

If a pair of wireless detectors sound the alarm, the Hyfire wireless modules engage the solenoids attached to the gas cylinders, releasing INERGEN gas into the area.

“We’re excited to demonstrate the potential of the Hyfire name through this distinct setup, which is conveniently in our premises,” shared Torger Nordbø, Project Engineer at Holta & Håland Safety.

“A comprehensive site assessment was conducted using Hyfire’s TauREX software to pinpoint optimal spots for detectors and other equipment, ensuring a dependable network.

“The simplicity of the setup and its reporting functionalities present immense value for us and the final user.”

Furthermore, the wireless framework underwent rigorous testing and display protocols in the building, acting as a comprehensive demonstration and test hub, whilst maintaining its primary role as a vital fire safety system.

Despite daily usage and various alterations, the system has exhibited outstanding resilience and flawless performance.

Karleif Holta, General Manager of Randabergporten, commented: “The Hyfire solution surpassed our anticipated outcomes in every domain.

“Its wireless setup convenience, compatibility with our edifice, and the security it guarantees for our occupants is unparalleled.

“We are proud to be a beacon for this innovation and are eager to observe the ongoing influence of Hyfire gadgets in Norway’s market.”

Technological advancements in Hyfire devices

The Taurus, crafted in Trieste, Italy – a pivotal hub for wireless fire design, employs the Pathfinder Technology.

This permits the devices to relay signals over distances spanning 1km in open terrains, and even further when using expansion mechanisms.

Optimised antenna tech enables communication across varying frequencies, allowing Taurus to function efficiently with fewer resources, thus being cost-effective.

Tom Crane, Hyfire’s International Director, expressed: “The positive feedback from our second venture with Holta & Håland Safety has been heartening.

“As the Norwegian market starts to appreciate the operational and economic advantages of wireless fire tech, we’re optimistic about seeing more Hyfire units being assimilated into regional fire safety systems.”

IFSJ Comment

Hyfire’s latest project in Stavanger stands as a testament to the advancements in wireless fire technology.

Collaborating with Holta & Håland Safety, they’ve showcased how modern devices, integrated seamlessly with existing structures, can enhance safety without compromising on aesthetics or structural integrity.

The endorsement of their technology by industry leaders and its successful deployment in such a landmark building signals a positive shift in fire safety approaches.

As wireless technology becomes the norm, it’s clear that companies like Hyfire are leading the charge, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

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